The Crow reboot details revealed

The Crow Reboot Details Revealed

The reboot of The Crow was announced a few minutes ago. At one point, it seemed like the film was doomed to never get off the ground, as actors and directors one after another left the struggling production. Then, as luck would have it, we learned that actor Bill Skarsgård had been cast as Eric Draven and that Rupert Sanders would direct the film. Hooray, right?

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The cast and crew went in front of the cameras and principal photography took place in 2022, and… Everything went quiet again. Since Hollywood is now in the habit of canceling films that have already been made – thanks to the shenanigans of Warner Bros. -, it is normal that fans thought that the reboot of The Crow had had its wings clipped. This week, we learned that the film is officially being screened for audiences, meaning it's closer to release than ever before. Even though people who watched the film are supposed to be tight-lipped about what they saw, it seems like one brave soul broke their NDA and revealed what fans can expect from the film.

What is it about ?

On The InSneider, Jeff Sneider revealed that his sources told him that The Crow reboot is not a copy and paste of Alex Proyas' 1994 film starring Brandon Lee, nor a direct adaptation of James' comic book O’Barr. Rather, it's an all-new ultra-violent story in which Eric Draven and Shelley Webster (FKA Twigs) escape from a drug rehab center and hit the town. In the film, Shelley has a relationship of sorts with the infamous and powerful Mr. Roeg (Danny Huston). After things go wrong, Roeg sends his henchmen after him and Eric. According to Sneider, Eric is “caught between the land of the living and the realm of the dead. Given the opportunity to sacrifice his soul to save Shelley, Eric decides to return to right the wrongs he made.”

Roeg wouldn't be an ordinary villain either, as he possesses mystical powers that cause him to sacrifice other people's souls to rejuvenate himself, making him a modern-day Shang Tsung. Also, there are multiple crows and not just a single crow running around in circles trying to find a scarecrow.

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What is Bill Skarsgård like as Eric Draven?

The most surprising thing about Jeff Sneider's report is that Bill Skarsgård does not wear makeup until the third act of the film. As for his physical appearance, Skarsgård's Eric is said to be covered in tattoos and sports a mullet cut. Who knows, maybe that mullet is the source of his power in The Crow reboot.

What is clear from this report is that efforts were made to make this film different from the original The Crow film and other spin-offs that followed. It appears to be a new story that doesn't borrow too much from the past. That said, if it's not about staying true to James O'Barr's comic or Alex Proyas' film, why didn't they just change the names of the main characters? The Crow comics largely succeeded in doing this, creating new protagonists, antagonists, and situations while focusing on the basic premise of someone returning from the dead to seek revenge. The same thing could happen here. Nonetheless, Sneider reported that his source said that The Crow reboot is actually good (although not as good as the original), so it's something to watch out for in the near future, when it gets a date official release.

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