The Elecstor Core 314Wh portable power station offers true portability

REVIEW: Elecstor Core 314Wh Portable Power Station Delivers True Portability 

While load shedding is the hot topic of the week (excuse the pun), it's comforting to know that there are more reliable brands on the market to meet your energy needs. Whether you are looking for a good power bank or a complete solar solution, the greater the visibility of quality products, the better informed the consumer is. A few weeks ago we reviewed the mini inverter from Elecstor, one of those trusted South African brands. This time, we present to you another product that will prove useful, especially during the holiday season: the Elecstor Core 314Wh portable power station.

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Conception and design

The device is small in size but does much more than its size suggests. In terms of dimensions, it measures 255x100x200mm. This is a fairly compact device that stores easily when not in use and when charging. Its compact size also makes it ideal for travel.

If your trunk capacity is limited while traveling this holiday season, there's always room for the Elecstor Core 314Wh portable power station. Unlike many portable power stations, it doesn't have a square design. On the contrary, its rectangular shape makes it easier to place between bags and the rest of the luggage in the trunk or under the seat.

Although its frame is small, it is very sturdy. The device weighs 3.4 kg. This weight is comparable to that of larger devices with the same characteristics. This weight is deceptive due to its size and sometimes feels heavier due to weight distribution. However, this bulky construction and sturdy finish allows for good viewing. The finish is silver, the housing is polymer plastic and the handle is metallic for a more durable finish. You can therefore have peace of mind, knowing that the areas most exposed to wear have a solid structure, guaranteeing longevity.

In addition to build quality and efficient design, there is always the issue of ports to discuss. The front panel houses all available ports, a digital LED battery indicator, a power button, and an indicator light. Additionally, there are two USB Type A ports and one Type C port. For more conventional ports, it has a 9/12V DC 10A output, as well as a three-prong AC outlet. While it doesn't have a dedicated two-prong plug, it's nothing an adapter can't fix if necessary. Most of the major sockets used in South Africa are covered, so you won't be harmed when using the device.

Overall, it offers a well-balanced compact design, solid build quality, and enough ports to get the job done.

Elecstor Core 314Wh Portable Power Station Specifications

As we mentioned, the device has enough ports to meet most low-power device needs. However, you should know a few more detailed specifications before plugging in the devices you have in your home to avoid any damage to any of the devices.

As its name suggests, it has a 314 Wh battery. More precisely, it is a large capacity rechargeable lithium battery. The battery has a capacity of 8,4000mAh, which can easily power a few devices during the standard 2-hour load-shedding window.

As for output, the USB ports support 5V 2A, with DC being a 9/12V 10A option. Additionally, it has a total output of 300W, which means that plugged-in devices cannot exceed 300W consumption at any given time. It has a 15V 6A input for charging, which is a bit on the lower end of the scale, but nothing too dramatic.

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Performance and battery life

REVIEW: Elecstor Core 314Wh Portable Power Station Offers True Portability

We have already seen that the Elecstor Core 314Wh portable power station has you covered with its design, construction and interface. However, it is the ease of use and performance that determines the true value of the device. And that’s precisely what this power station does.

Let's start with ease of use. It's pretty easy to set up and use, which is a good sign for any tech device. Keeping the maximum power in mind, all you need to do is turn on the device, plug in your devices, and turn on the port. It's as simple as that. During operation, the LED indicator continues to display its percentage so you know when the battery is almost exhausted.

Results will vary depending on the filler used. You can expect a battery life of just over an hour using maximum power simultaneously. This is not ideal and is not recommended. To put things into perspective, you can continuously charge your smartphone, which consumes around 15W on fast charging, and get around 20 hours of charge. Using your monitor, which consumes around 15-20W, this figure falls between 15-17 hours. When using your laptop, which typically consumes between 60 and 70 W, you can continue charging it for about four hours. The same goes for your television, whose consumption is between 50 and 70 W, depending on the size, resolution, etc.

Besides durations, there is another aspect that you need to pay attention to. The greater the consumption, the more heat the device produces. This then triggers the fans inside the device, which adds a fair amount of noise. The noise is not deafening, but it is noticeable. This was not a problem for lower consumptions; the fans only came on when using the TV and not the laptop and screen as expected.

If one aspect of the device needs improvement, it's its slow charging speed. On average, it takes about four hours to charge it from scratch. When testing over two-hour load shedding periods, I was using around 80-90% to fully exploit the device's capabilities. It then takes between 3.5 and 4.5 hours to recharge it.

Is it worth buying the Elecstor Core 314Wh Portable Power Station?

big plan

The Elecstor Core 314Wh portable power station meets many criteria for a portable power solution. It is compact and robust while being relatively light. Plus, it has all the ports and options needed for everyday use, while providing an easy-to-use setup.

Its retail price is around 4,000 euros, but it's currently on sale for an impressive 2,999 euros if you're in the market. Regardless of price, the unit is a great asset for any household looking for relatively inexpensive power options during load shedding.

During phases 4 and 6, the device will be put to the test. So if you really need a device that lasts four hours and recharges in less than two hours (which is often the intervals between load shedding during the highest levels), this may be the only one. which is why you will need a more efficient device. That said, few competing devices on the market can beat it in terms of price and performance.


Elecstor Core 314 Wh Portable Power Station


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  • Relatively light
  • Ease of use

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