The Man of Tomorrow, Henry Cavill’s new sequel

Superman: Man of Tomorrow, Henry Cavill's Unmade Sequel

Countless fans were devastated when they learned that the Man of Steel sequel project had been shelved, and even more so when James Gunn and Henry Cavill announced that Hollywood's golden boy would no longer play the role of Superman. With this in mind, some of the brilliant minds behind Fortress of Solitude decided to create a short film showing what could have been, using AI programs and 3D software. The result is incredible. This is Superman: Man of Tomorrow (a Man of Steel 2 fan film).

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Henry Cavill's new Superman sequel

Many fans would kill to see Henry Cavill in the Superman suit again, which has led to many recreations using AI to see what could have been. This short contains incredible dialogue about why Superman protects humanity despite all of his flaws, as well as stunning visuals that would make you want to see a real movie to come.

The trailer opens with a snowy scene where an object is falling from the atmosphere. We can only assume this is Superman himself. From there, we are treated to stunning images of his crystal palace, the Fortress of Solitude. In the reflection of shards of crystal and ice, we see many of the moments that have made us love Superman over the years: he saves crying children from disasters, bullets reflect off his Kryptonian skin, Superman stands tall, observing the fiery destruction surrounding him, and we see one of his enemies, Lex Luthor.

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Man of Steel 2 Man of Tomorrow Sequel Henry Cavill

As we watch this, Henry Cavill's honeyed voice tells us the story of humanity being its own worst enemy at times, tearing each other apart, destroying our own planet, and hurting those we love.

The atmosphere changes completely when the light rises on the hero, who looks at the horizon bathed in sunlight. Superman explains the glimmer of hope and redemption that lies within each of us, and explains that all the people fighting for change are the reason he made it his mission to protect humanity. Humans are the reason he continues to fight. “They're the reason Jor-El sent me here. They're the reason I'm Superman.”

The short ends with a glimpse of one of the DC Universe's most feared and powerful supervillains, Darkseid. Could he be the next threat that could destroy humanity?

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The filming of Superman: Man of Tomorrow

This epic trailer was created using images generated with Midjourey, animations from Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premiere Pro, 3D software like Blender and artificial voice software to perfect the Henry Cavill's soft, velvety voice.

Inspired by the visual perfection of Man of Steel and the fact that the world might never see a sequel with their favorite Superman in the role, this short film shows us what could have been.

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  • Superman: Man of Tomorrow is a short concept trailer created by the brilliant minds at the Fortress of Solitude to pay homage to a film that may never be a reality.
  • Using several AI, animation and 3D modeling programs, they made their idea a reality with this fantastic short film.
  • Even though Henry Cavill is no longer Superman, he will always be our Superman.

What do you think of Superman: Man of Tomorrow, Henry Cavill's unmade sequel to Man of Steel?