The Powerpuff Girls become influencers in this artificial intelligence invention

Les Powerpuff Girls deviennent des influenceurs dans cette invention d'intelligence artificielle

A rather unusual result

The Powerpuff Girls is one of the favorite animated series of millions of children who watched Cartoon Netwoork in the late 90s, because these three girls with superpowers proved to many that women can also be stars of the action.

To date, the series has been the subject of numerous interpretations, whether it was an attempt to launch a live-action series or a reboot that didn't have the same impact than the original series. A recent creation on Reddit caught our attention, reimagining Bombshell, Bubbles and Acorn as young influencers.

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Thanks to image-generating bots like Midjourney, anyone can bring their favorite animated series to life, at least in pictures. That's why many people have decided to show us what some classic or much-loved characters would look like in live action.

We see that each of them would find themselves in a setting corresponding to their personality in the series: Bubble sipping a drink in her favorite café, Acorn looking for the latest novelty at a record store and Bonbon taking advantage of the knowledge that a silent library.

In the meantime, these Powerpuff Girls creations are sure to make more than one fan sigh, inviting us to dream of a future where this style of live action is broadcast by Cartoon Network.

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