The Resident Evil 4 remake is the best game on the PS5

Resident Evil 4 Remake PS5 Review

Capcom has received a lot of praise for its remakes of the Resident Evil series, and rightly so. However, the real test was always going to be its handling of the Resident Evil 4 remake, especially since the original 2005 survival horror is widely considered one of the best video games of all time.

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With the power of the next generation and Capcom's excellent results in the series, this remake was expected to be more than just a facelift and paint update. That being said, there is always a risk that if someone tries to reinvent the perfect wheel, it will become square along the way. Fortunately, the Resident Evil 4 remake is not only a labor of love from people who understand the source material completely, but also an example of the quality that never diminishes and can sustain itself almost two decades later. late. In other words, this is the best PlayStation 5 game released to date.

“At first I was scared, I was petrified…”

The heart of the Resident Evil 4 remake will be familiar to longtime fans of the series. Leon S. Kennedy travels to a Spanish village to find the U.S. President's daughter, Ashley Graham, who has been kidnapped by the cult known as Los Illuminados. While most of the story and locations remain recognizable, a few changes and updates have been made to surprise players – but no spoilers here.

Naturally, the character designs and settings have been adapted to modern standards, as they retain the feel of the original 2005 creations, but with the improved graphical capabilities of 2023. Despite the expanse of the map to explore, there is a feeling of claustrophobia because of what lurks around every corner. Like recent Resident Evil games, developers have become champions of jumpscares. Even when a dimly lit place seems safe, it isn't, because someone can be hiding in plain sight in the one shadow that Leon hasn't checked with his flashlight.

This is precisely what characterizes the Resident Evil 4 remake: it is focused on tension and atmosphere. Throughout the game, the player will never feel safe for too long. Even when a scene is played and there is a moment of respite, it does not last long, as a new threat looms or presents itself. Plus, with some changes to the game, even those familiar with the original might find themselves jumping out of their pants.

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Survival of the smartest

Ultimately, the goal of Resident Evil 4 is to survive. Although there are objectives to complete throughout the chapters, many players will be happy to have simply survived the last horde and lived until the next typewriter to save their game. game have been modified to resemble those of modern games, but they retain the old-world charm, as Leon mainly uses his knife and his weapon of choice to fight enemies.

As in other Resident Evil titles, the player has a limited number of items that they can carry on their person. Of course, it is possible to reorganize objects, by combining them or changing the direction in which they are stored, in order to free up space. That said, the Resident Evil 4 remake is as much about strategic thinking as it is about survival. Unloading the entire magazine of Leon's weapon on a single enemy is not very wise, as it puts the character at a disadvantage against other enemies unless he finds ammo – and quickly. It's about understanding how to use what Leon has on him and trying to finish off enemies with melee attacks that don't deplete those limited resources. The game also forces the player to consider their surroundings and realize that it can also be used to set effective traps or kill two birds with one stone.

As in the 2005 game, there are puzzles to solve, which usually allow you to open an important door or receive an item essential to the progress of the mission. Most of these puzzles have been improved, but still resemble the original challenges. It can be helpful for a player to keep a notebook nearby to take notes as they progress through the game, as some of these sections require an almost photographic memory to solve.

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Why the Resident Evil 4 remake is the best game on the PS5

Resident Evil 4 Remake PS5 Review

What are the criteria for an exceptional video game? Remarkable graphics. Intuitive and fun gameplay. An intriguing story. A high replayability rate. While many PlayStation 5 games feature most of these elements, none of them have yet achieved all four criteria with a bull's-eye – until the Resident Evil 4 remake.

The efforts Capcom put into this title helped reinvigorate an already classic and fantastic game. The developers kept everything that worked in 2005, while applying all the new elements that they weren't able to implement at the time due to the limitations of the technology. The result is a fresh and original game, not a simple takeover of a popular intellectual property. Believe the hype, because the Resident Evil 4 remake is all that and a bunch of punchy one-liners delivered by the coolest guy in gaming, Leon S. Kennedy.

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