This video proves that RoboCop would be a great animated film

This Japanese Anime Proves That RoboCop 2 Would Be a Great Anime

RoboCop 2 is one of those films that has significant flaws but keeps you entertained throughout its running time. Critics didn't like this cyberpunk dystopian sequel, but the story is great and the scenes fantastic. Seeing Alex Murphy, the cyborg cop, as RoboCop in action is always a treat, even if the film is less acclaimed than the original. RoboCop 2 has legions of fans; some decided to pay homage to the film and make an animated version of it.

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Original RoboCop

The first RoboCop (1987) was a critical and financial success. Visionary director Paul Verhoeven presented a film that touched on many important themes. What does it mean to be half human and half machine? Can we be human if a computer controls our memories and thoughts?

Other essential elements of the film are its exploration of neoliberal capitalism and the destructive and corrosive force that uncontrolled financial exploitation exerts on society. The movie has villains, but the real villain isn't a person, it's the company in charge of the city and the police, Omni Consumer Products (OCP).

The film's screenwriter, Edward Neumeier, came up with the idea while working on the filming of Blade Runner (1982). Ridley Scott's film Blade Runner, which deals with robots and humans, clearly influenced Neumeier. Paul Verhoeven used graphic violence in RoboCop as satire to comment on Americans' fascination with guns and violence. These and other strong themes of the film proved to be a powerful mix, making RoboCop one of the best sci-fi action films of the '80s and beyond.

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RoboCop 2

This Japanese anime proves that RoboCop 2 would be a great anime

RoboCop 2 is an important sequel due to comic book author Frank Miller's role as the film's screenwriter. Miller is famous for his writing in Batman: Dark Knight Returns and Daredevil. RoboCop 2 was also the last time Peter Weller appeared in a live-action film as RoboCop. The film continues to show OCP's schemes to destroy Detroit for financial gain and RoboCop's efforts to eradicate crime.

The film's special effects and action sequences were praised, but critics felt that the film should focus on the human element of the story, Murphy's half-human, half-machine conflict. Instead, the film focused mostly on gratuitous violence. According to critic Roger Ebert, “the film's script is a confusion of poorly constructed and unfinished ideas”.

RoboCop 2: The Anime

This Japanese anime proves that RoboCop 2 would be a great anime

The RoboCop franchise has spawned toys, sequels, an animated series, and a television show. Recently, AI users like YouTube's AI Chan Show have started showcasing AI-generated images using RoboCop. AI Chan Show uses Stable Diffusion and Photoshop to create images inspired by RoboCop 2.

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The results are inspiring, and AI Chan Show added voiceovers and animated some images to convey the movement. The cartoons are excellent and AI Chan's narration makes the entire clip an impressive homage to the original film. If AI Chan's work becomes more popular, perhaps Amazon, the owners of the RoboCop franchise, will take notice and finance an entire anime film.

Watch the RoboCop 2 anime video below.


  • Robocop is an iconic dystopian science fiction film from 1987.
  • Robocop 2 was an inferior sequel, but it's still a fun movie to watch.
  • An animated remake of Robocop 2 is possible; AI users like the AI ​​Chan Show have made clips paying homage to Robocop 2 in the animated style.

What do you think about Robocop 2 and an anime of the original film? Let us know your thoughts below.