Tranya Nova Headphones Review

Revue des écouteurs Tranya Nova

Buying a quality pair of headphones has become a real minefield. Although there are a few gems available in the market alongside the well-known, tried and tested brands, it is still difficult to know what you are getting with your purchase. While features aren't always the best marker for gauging quality, not knowing what each device offers under the hood when it comes to its hardware is always a concern. The Tranya Nova headphones are a great example of finding a rare gem among the many promising offerings on the market.

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With quality being an uncompromising benchmark for the brand, the underlying Qualcomm hardware makes for a good read from the first glance at the specifications. Plus, with features like aptX technology, active noise cancellation, and seamless transition, the Nova seems like a great buy on paper. So let's take a closer look to see how they behave in the real world.

Conception and design

When it comes to design, the Tranya Nova have a simple philosophy, drawn from the school of Apple AirPods rather than Samsung Buds. The similarities end there, however, as the Nova has its own design details that bring some improvements over the latter.

The first notable distinction is its shorter stem. In addition, the heads of each earphone have a very different shape, which allows them to be placed in the ear with great ease. I would even go so far as to say that the Nova fits much better overall, creating a better seal to provide better sound clarity and some level of passive noise cancellation.

Additionally, the smaller rods make the case much more compact, making it easier to carry in almost any pouch. It's small enough to fit in the traditional coin pocket of your favorite jeans, which doesn't serve much else.

Unlike the shape details of the earphones, the case is much more minimalist. It has the appearance of a crushed sphere with a glossy plastic finish to match the earbuds. I don't mind this design, even if it is discreet.

Once opened, however, the case has excellent features. First of all, it has an indicator light on the front that indicates the battery level and remaining charge. Second, it also has a Bluetooth reset button, which allows you to pair with another device instead of having to first unpair the currently connected source, which can sometimes be tricky.

Overall, the design and construction of the Tranya Nova is pretty good, both in terms of the earbuds and the outer shell.

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Installation and configuration

As it is a Bluetooth enabled device, pairing is effortless. Once the case cover is opened, the indicator light will flash. This indicates that the earbuds are ready to pair as soon as they are taken out of their case. By doing so, I was able to immediately detect the Tranya Nova in the Bluetooth settings, both on my smartphone and on my laptop.

This indicates that it offers seamless pairing for any device, and with a simple positive selection, it starts pairing in seconds for both earbuds. Unlike many other earbuds, you don't need to pair them separately to set them up. As you place each earbud in your ear, you can hear a beep sound to confirm that each has been paired and is ready to go. This same beep repeats every time you place the earbuds in your ear to indicate that they have been paired again with the device when you take them out of their case.

Performance and features

Tranya Nova Earphones

The most important aspect of any good earphone is its audio quality. Besides, offering a wide range of interesting features also makes it an interesting product.

On this last point, the Tranya Nova has several characteristics to list. The first of these is its active noise reduction (ANC) technology. ANC uses a hybrid approach, which can be activated with a 1.5 second press on the earbuds. In addition to passive noise cancellation, the combination with ANC blocks an impressive amount of ambient noise.

ANC technology uses six impressive built-in microphones to detect various noises with a mix of software to distinguish between your voice on the microphone and surrounding sounds. According to the specs, this helps reduce ambient noise by up to 43 dB, which is pretty impressive. Additionally, users can adjust noise cancellation levels according to their preferences, including Full, Ambient Sound, and Off.

As the introduction mentions, the device is powered by the Qualcomm QCC3072 chipset, which supports aptX. Each earphone is equipped with 12mm dynamic drivers to complete the specifications.

The Qualcomm chipset allows for excellent integration with various devices to enable additional functions besides aptX. It delivers quality sound across the entire frequency spectrum and low-latency streaming thanks to Bluetooth 5.3 support.

The sound quality is excellent. With the snug fit for passive noise cancellation, it also delivers excellent bass. In addition to good bass, the midrange is also excellent. On the other hand, the treble is less good. The sound is not distorted at high volume, but it is relatively muted when isolated.

Fortunately, much of this can be remedied with the help of an equalizer. Tranya offers an integrated app for iOS and Android to provide a completely personalized experience for your Nova headphones. There you can adjust the EQ and set up two separate devices to pair, making it easy to switch between devices. One of the best features is the ability to customize each touch control. By default, the device comes with single, double, and triple tap options. While each of these options can be customized, it is possible to set fourth and fifth touch options.

Finally, we have battery life. In standard use, you can get around nine hours of playback. Additionally, the case allows for an additional 27 hours of charging, for a total of 36 hours. Depending on the use of ANC and other features, you may also get some extra hours well beyond the 40 hours. It's not the longest battery life among earphone/case duos, but it's still impressive considering all the features, dual pairing, and excellent audio quality.

Besides the excellent battery life, the device offers several charging options. It supports fast charging and wireless charging. If supported, you can charge the case using your smartphone's reverse charging. It's very useful.

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Should you buy Tranya Nova headphones?

Tranya Nova Earphones

With a wide range of headphones available today, finding a decent pair is more complicated than ever. However, with the Tranya Nova, you are guaranteed quality with several impressive features, all backed by a Qualcomm chipset to provide further confirmation of quality.

It offers good quality sound, even better noise cancellation, and the ability to pair two separate devices simultaneously. You can visit the official Tranya website for more information about the Nova. The headphones are currently on sale this week on Amazon for $69.99. Additionally, Fortress viewers can take an additional 15% off using code NOVA15US.

Tranya also offers discounts on headphones


Tranya Nova earbuds


  • Active noise cancellation
  • Dual pairing support
  • Good battery life and switching options
  • Solid bass


  • Accidental touches
  • Treble could be better

Distribution of comments

  • Ease of learning

  • Ease of use

  • Design

  • Performance

  • Enjoyment

  • Value for money