Urban fighting rages in Gaza

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Heavy fighting continues in the Gaza Strip

Heavy urban fighting raged in and around the Gaza Strip's main cities on Thursday, as the bloodiest war ever between Israel and the Palestinian militant group Hamas entered its third month since the October 7 attacks. .

Large parts of the besieged territory were transformed into a desert littered with debris from bombed or bullet-riddled buildings, with the death toll surpassing 16,200, according to the Hamas-run health ministry.

Israeli attacks and search for hostages

Israeli forces have tightened their noose around major urban centers to hunt Hamas over the surprise attack that killed 1,200 people in Israel, officials say, and to search for 138 remaining hostages. Supported by air forces, tanks and armored bulldozers, they fought Hamas in Chan Yunis, Gaza City, and the Jabalia district.

Devastation and human tragedies

The civilian population suffers from massive attacks. Many people have been left homeless and facing shortages of food and medicine. The UN and other international organizations have warned of the threat of humanitarian collapse.

Reactions from political leaders

The reactions of political leaders reflect the desperation and war weariness on both sides. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has vowed to bring down Hamas leader Yahya Sinwar, while UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres has warned of a possible complete breakdown of law and order in the Gaza Strip.

Deadly escalation in the Middle East

The conflict between Israel and Hamas also impacts other Iranian-backed armed groups in the region. The Middle East is shaken by a wave of deadly violence which also affects the occupied West Bank.

Despair and trauma

The victims of this conflict are the people of Gaza and Israel, who suffer from persistent violence and uncertain future prospects. Traumatic memories of past attacks and fear for the remaining hostages create persistent stress.


The situation in the Gaza Strip remains extremely threatening and the prospects for a rapid resolution of the conflict are bleak. The civilian population is suffering from the violence of the fighting and the humanitarian crisis. It remains to be hoped that a political solution can be found to avoid further suffering and destruction.