Using transparent wood in screens could make them unbreakable

L'utilisation de bois transparent dans les écrans pourrait les rendre incassables

The next innovation in the world of smartphones could come in the form of transparent wood, which appears to be the future material from which the screens of mobile devices will be made.

Clear wood is stronger and lighter than the glass we use today, and it can be bent, so it doesn't shatter into pieces when it breaks. It is also cheaper to produce.

The use of transparent wood is still in its infancy, but the first results are promising, not only for mobile phone or computer screens, but also for everyday objects such as windows, which could pass through from transparent to translucent state at will.

Thin sheets of wood can allow 80-90% of light to pass through, but the thicker the sheet, the lower the amount of light. Wood is three times stronger than Pexiglass and ten times stronger than regular glass.

You may be wondering how they managed to make the wood transparent. Apparently, a part of the wood called “lignin” gives it its hardness and brown color. Scientists have discovered that by changing or removing this component and adding another called “epoxy resin,” they can make wood transparent.

Currently, the method used to make wood transparent is not very environmentally friendly, because the “epoxy resin” comes from petroleum. Scientists are looking for better ways to make this element.