WhatsApp will offer color themes for the mobile version

WhatsApp va proposer des thèmes de couleur pour la version mobile

How long will it take for this much-requested option to appear?

January 10, 2024 – 07:31 p.m.

WhatsAppthe popular messaging application, has had a makeover, both in terms of its appearance and its content. Android as in iOS. From icon changes to new features like multiple account support and Chainsthe renewal is obvious.

Recently, as reported WABetaInfoWhatsApp is preparing a surprise for users iPhone: the possibility of change app colors.

Until now, you could only switch from light to dark mode, without touching the characteristic green that identifies WhatsApp.

This new functionality, identified in the beta version of iOS allow you to choose between five colors to customize the appearance of the application.

Here are the colors we might soon experience on WhatsApp.

The change is not limited to aesthetics; the colors extend to the unread message indicators and message time, bringing a personal touch to the experience.

Additionally, it is possible that you will soon also be able to change the color of bubbles in conversations. However, this feature is still under development and is not available even to iOS beta testers.

Although no mention has been made of this feature coming to Android, it is likely, given WhatsApp's track record, that the theme change option will also be offered on that platform.

This new ability to change the color of the app gives users more control over the appearance of their chats, which is one of the biggest changes to WhatsApp.

Are you excited to give a different touch to your WhatsApp? Are you going to stop using WhatsApp Plus?

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