Will Ghostface get his own Scream Game?

Ghostface aura-t-il droit à son propre Scream Game ?

Ghostface has received a lot of hype, which is understandable since he is the killer from the prolific Scream franchise. While Ghostface is already part of Dead by Daylight's DLC, a recent leak from a data miner suggested that he could be part of future DLC for Mortal Kombat 1. There's even a concept circulating for a game dedicated to the infamous Scream Killer (or Scream Killers?), Ghostface. Let’s take a look!

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Mortal Kombat 1 releases on September 19, not to mention the game's first DLC. However, miners have managed to get their hands on voice lines, which allows us to make some assumptions about the possibility that the characters are part of a future DLC.

@thethiny tweeted the following, saying that they managed to do a little digging and found evidence for characters like Conan, Kung Jin, Jade, Cassie Cage, and Ghostface. They reasonably asked for some time to figure things out before sharing their opinions and theories, but they wanted to post to let others see the raw information in the meantime.

As for characters like Conan and Jade, it was rumored that Conan would be part of a DLC earlier this year. When fans realized Jade wouldn't be part of the base game, they pestered NetherRealm Studios creative director Ed Boon until he responded with a cryptic tweet: “We'll have to wait.” which could go either way and may have been simply to appease screaming fans. Either way, these two facts indicate that there is truth to what TheThiny is saying about the upcoming DLC. Of course, buried voices could mean that these character ideas were abandoned after the initial voices were recorded, but who knows?

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Here's another good question: why did Mortal Kombat 1 decide to include Ghostface in an upcoming DLC? The character was the subject of significant media hype following the success of the sixth film in the franchise, released on March 10. Despite the success of the film, Ghostface has always been one of the most famous fictional killers, along with Leatherface and Jason Voorhees. The only difference is that the latter two have dedicated games, which is not the case with Ghostface.

Leatherface can be found in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. This game is very similar to Dead by Daylight, except instead of just one killer, the entire Slaughter family from the historical Texas Chainsaw Massacre is playable, so it's survivors versus family.

Similarly, Jason Voorhees' story is explored in Friday the 13th: The Game, another game that's a lot like Dead by Daylight, with one big advantage: up to seven players can play together as Camp counselors. Crystal Lake as they are chased by a single Jason Voorhees. This is very different from The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, where there is more than one threat, and Dead by Daylight, where there are only four survivors.

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What about poor Ghostface? The brilliant minds at the Beyond The Mask YouTube channel have us covered with their genius concept for a Scream-inspired horror game called Scream: The Game. Without giving too much away from the video, which you should watch if you're a fan of the franchise, the concept is that of a survival horror game based on the franchise, with two different options for players to explore.

For the first time, the concept features a campaign mode in which players can play alone and immerse themselves in Woodsboro, trying to survive and uncover clues to the identity of the killer or Ghostface. With three characters to choose from who unlock certain aspects of the campaign, the idea is a brilliant new way to navigate the horror game genre while giving players the best of both worlds.

The online option would allow six players to explore a unique map from all five Scream films, and the mode pits five survivors against Ghostface, allowing one player to step into the killer's shoes and explore his unique abilities.

YouTube video

It’s surprising that a video game company has yet to grasp this concept!

Would you like to see a new game dedicated to Scream and Ghostface, or are its DLCs in Dead by Daylight and possible DLC in Mortal Kombat 1 enough for you?