Xbox just stole one of the biggest titles of the year from PlayStation

La Xbox vient de voler à la PlayStation l'un des plus gros titres de l'année

The Xbox has just pulled off a coup that has left PlayStation fans in disbelief. Thanks to a strategic maneuver that had repercussions throughout the gaming industry, Xbox managed to snatch one of the most anticipated games of the year from PlayStation. The announcement sent shock waves through the community, sparking intense debates and discussions about the future of console exclusivity and the balance of power in the gaming world. The tide has turned and Xbox's bold move has undoubtedly left its mark on the gaming landscape, forever changing the course of this year's biggest gaming battles.

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Microsoft's acquisition of ZeniMax Media is probably one of the biggest video game purchases in recent history. While it was very surprising to see Microsoft buy the publisher behind iconic franchises like Elder Scrolls, the Fallout series, and Doom, we thought it was already done.

It turns out the $7.5 billion was just the beginning. Now, it seems they're pushing their budget ambitions even further, and it's turned into a full-blown legal battle, with Microsoft also trying to buy Activision.

Indiana Jones is now an Xbox exclusive

Recently, it became known that Bethesda's highly anticipated Indiana Jones game would actually be an Xbox-exclusive title. It's a surprise when you know that it is made by MachineGames, the studio behind the Wolfenstein franchise. These games were available on multiple platforms, but it looks like that's changing with Indiana Jones.

The new game was announced with a trailer in January 2021. Two years and a few months later, we still don't know more.

When it comes to interesting details of the game, we have quite a bit of information. First of all, the game is set in the era of the original Indiana Jones trilogy. This means we'll see many classic Indiana Jones characters, like Sallah and Marion Ravenwood, as well as an extremely daring version of our protagonist.

If there's one thing this game is banking on, it's fans of the film and gamers who miss a bit of the Uncharted action on Xbox's side of the console wars. If Bethesda is truly up to the task, this game is likely to attract a wide audience for an amazing adventure.

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Indiana Jones will not be released on PlayStation 5

Interestingly, the original plan for the Indiana Jones game centered around a multi-platform release. The game's announcement was made in January 2021, but the acquisition was finalized two months later, in March. Therefore, these initial plans had to be severely modified to match Microsoft's new direction in the console wars.

Still, it’s an interesting choice to acquire $7 billion worth of intellectual property instead of creating new and original stories. Moreover, Microsoft is proof that the inheritance of intellectual property does not make a game successful. The most obvious example of this failure is the recent release of Halo Infinite. What was once considered the titan of Xbox has fallen short in both the multiplayer and single-player aspects of a gaming experience.

As Microsoft fights in court for the right to acquire Activision, it's interesting to imagine all the franchises that could say their final goodbyes to PlayStation in the years to come. What we can say is that healthy competition is necessary in the sector. If it's what's best for the players, then you have to go for it!

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