Xiaomi smartphones will not receive HyperOS updates if you unlock the bootloader

Les smartphones Xiaomi ne recevront pas les mises à jour HyperOS si vous déverrouillez le bootloader

Xiaomi recently launched the Xiaomi 14 series in China, which is shaping up to be one of the best phones of 2024 when it finally hits global markets.

These phones feature an interface called HyperOS instead of MIUI. For some time now, the company has been preventing users from unlocking the bootloader of its phones. Although the restriction has been partially lifted for MIUI users, HyperOS users have not been able to unlock the bootloader until now.

Xiaomi has confirmed that in fact, the inability to unlock the bootloader will be the default setting on HyperOS smartphones. The company explained its position in an email response to questions from Android Authority:

To protect device security, prevent data leaks, and provide users with a safer and more stable experience, bootloader unlocking will be disabled by default on Xiaomi HyperOS.

Xiaomi says users will need to request permission to unlock the bootloader on the company's community forum:

Watch for the app portal announcement on the Xiaomi Community website.

Bootloader unlocking has always been disabled in MIUI from the factory, and users had to ask for permission to unlock the bootloader. They can only unlock the bootloader after a certain period of time since the request, and there are other restrictions on the process.

Disabling bootloader unlocking on HyperOS is more restrictive in China, where users must reach “level five” on the company's forums to unlock the bootloader on HyperOS devices. Additionally, bootloader unlock permissions are limited to a maximum of three unlocked devices per year.

Xiaomi has confirmed that these restrictions only apply to the Chinese version of HyperOS and that international users will have to wait for an announcement on the company's forum for more details.

For MIUI users who want to unlock their smartphone, Xiaomi also has bad news, as they have stated that they will not receive HyperOS updates:

Older operating systems, such as MIUI 14, retain the ability to unlock, but users will no longer receive Xiaomi HyperOS updates if they keep their device unlocked.

The Chinese company clarified in a subsequent email that HyperOS updates will not be available if the phone's bootloader has been unlocked, regardless of whether the user is running MIUI 14 or HyperOS. However, the company clarified that users will receive HyperOS updates if they choose to unlock their device again. This policy applies to all Xiaomi devices outside of China.

Unlocking the bootloader has security implications because some applications, such as banking apps and payment services, stop working. Still, it's an essential step for those who want to customize their smartphone, opening the door to custom ROMs, unofficial updates, system tweaks, and more.