5 perfect games to play with friends without having to leave the house


5 perfect games to play with friends without having to leave the house

Do you like to enjoy evenings with friends during which you gather around your favorite board games? It’s true that it’s a fun way to share time with others, good times that help pass the time and have fun with friends. However, it is not always possible to meet in the same place. Fortunately, there are different games that you can play remotely, to rediscover the conviviality of game evenings with friends.

1. The famous Petit bac

It's a game very popular with the French, which you can easily play with friends, even if you're not all in the same place! Indeed, to play, there is nothing simpler, a sheet and a pencil per person are enough, as well as the application of your choice to connect with several people, whether it is Zoom or a video call WhatsApp.

One of you runs the alphabet in your head until another friend says stop. From the letter obtained, everyone must quickly find a girl's or boy's first name, the name of a city, a profession, an animal, and any other selected category. It's up to the one who finishes the fastest, and who scores the most points. There are also virtual versions of Petit bac, which you can play with others and remotely.

2. Board games available via Zoom

Zoom can prove to be the ideal platform if you want to have a good time with friends, and get together remotely around one of your favorite board games. You could in particular choose to play a game of Uno, or even compete in a Monopoly interactive. Popular games, which offer free platforms to facilitate your games, and allow you to enjoy pleasant moments with friends, with joy and in a good mood!

3. The Werewolf and other role-playing games

Are you a fan of role-playing games, and are you disappointed not to be able to share an evening with friends to indulge in your favorite games? It is once again possible to enjoy the pleasures of games remotely, thanks to the Internet, even if they are role-playing games, like the famous Werewolf. You're in luck, this game is available online for free, which allows you to play it with friends, even if you don't have the opportunity to be in the same household.

On the Internet, up to 50 people in total will be able to play this game at the same time, which promises games full of twists and turns. Other role-playing games can also be offered online, for evenings with friends that you won't forget.

4. Online casino games

If you wish, you can also play at the French online casino, provided of course that you are of the required age to take advantage of such platforms. On the Internet, you can find the most popular casino games, to share a game of Roulette, Blackjack, or even test your friends at Poker.

Before trying your luck, take the time to verify that it is indeed an official and approved gaming platform. For these games, you can choose to play with real money, although this involves risks, or test your luck in a trial version. Check out this ultimate guide to new online casinos to quickly find the platform that might suit you if you like to play with friends.