Discover TeaserPlay’s astonishing concept for a Game of Thrones video game.

Découvrez l'étonnant concept de TeaserPlay pour un jeu vidéo Game of Thrones.

Last time we talked about TeaserPlay's rendition of Breaking Bad in Unreal Engine 5, which had a very GTA-like feel. This time, the YouTuber tackled the rendering of Westeros, as well as certain characters, and even dragons, in order to show viewers what could come to life if a studio gave the concept a chance. Is this the Game of Thrones video game fans have always dreamed of?

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Released on September 9, 2022 and currently boasting just over 588,000 views, TeaserPlay has gone back to work, this time imagining the world of Game of Thrones as an open-world video game in Unreal Engine 5, calling it a “dream that could come true.”

Fortunately, they clarified that this is not an official HBO product and is “just a concept – a fan-made trailer to show off the power of the ‘Unreal Engine 5 and we have no plans to release it' and that they had some help with the character scenes using those from Real-Time Studios' work on the Game of Thrones video game by YOOZOO Games: Winter is Coming by YOOZOO Games.

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Like last time, the trailer used sound clips and lines from the series to accompany the beautiful scenes they managed to create. Flying over King's Landing, Winterfell and the glowing corridors of the throne room that houses the terrifying Iron Throne, we get a glimpse of John Snow's stunning character model, with his curly black hair and worried look.

Beside him, the beautiful Sansa Stark sits in the gloomy corridors of Winterfell. Of course, Cersei Lannister clung to the Iron Throne with brass knuckles, and so we find her sitting on it, her stern expression perfectly cast in the Unreal Engine 5 rendering. And her brother, Jaime Lannister, n He's never far from her if they can help it, and her impishly beautiful features translate well to the platform.

While Daenerys Stormborn is beautifully translated in the Game of Thrones video game concept trailer, I think this is where the character models suffered a bit. The other characters were impeccably translated into the game, but Daenerys doesn't really look like Emilia Clarke, and the concept fell short when it came to the dragons, although who could blame them? I can't even draw a dragon, let alone render and animate one, so I'm not here to talk about it. But as soon as the dragons were introduced, the trailer looked more like Skyrim than Game of Thrones.

But overall, the trailer looks great. TeaserPlay has once again succeeded and, considering that this is not a Game of Thrones video game, the few problems encountered here and there are not too serious. With sounds taken from the series and a soundtrack to match, beautiful lighting and reflection effects, he did the job of imagining Game of Thrones as a video game.

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