Does Elden Ring have input reading?

Est-ce que Elden Ring a une lecture d'entrée ?

Elden Ring is an RPG video game that was developed by FromSoftware. Overall, the game was well received, with players having a lot of fun playing in the world that was developed, and consequently winning several awards. Unfortunately, players have begun to suspect Elden Ring of having input reading, which makes the game much more difficult than it should be.

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What is input reading?

Input Reading occurs when an enemy is able to see the action a player is going to perform through the buttons they press and reacts to that action by attacking or dodging before the player character has finished to perform the action. This makes games extremely unfair and frustrating, and is a way to punish players for using specific moves against specific characters.

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A player's recent encounter with a Runebear in Elden Ring has convinced many people that the game uses input reading, but that is not the case.

Runebears are an incredibly difficult creature to face with their speed, questionable hitboxes, and an attack that is almost impossible to dodge. When a player tried to sneak up on one of them and it attacked them before they even engaged in combat, the player immediately became suspicious and posted on social media a clip of what had happened with the title “Elden Ring has no input reading”.

The player was rightfully frustrated with what happened and while this may seem like an entry reading, it actually isn't. Zullie the Witch, a Dark Souls hacker who posts his findings about game programming on YouTube, explained that input reading does not exist in Elden Ring but that the system has been replaced by functions in such a way that the players can't really tell the difference.

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What is really happening?

In the game's programming, certain animations have a unique flag that triggers a very specific response from the AI. This is notably seen when a boss is able to dodge players' ranged projectile attacks by jumping to the side to avoid being hit.

Many players find that this makes gameplay enjoyable and extremely frustrating, especially when an enemy dodges every attack you throw at them. Others have said that this does nothing but force players to act only at times they believe are perfectly safe and that it takes away from the value of the gameplay in Elden Ring.

The best part of the game is when you find yourself in a desperate situation where there is a high chance that you will die, but you manage to escape unscathed thanks to the risks you took to achieve victory.

Unfortunately for gamers, they shouldn't expect FromSoftware to change its habit of punishing players for specific actions anytime soon. It has become a staple of their games and they have shown no signs of changing.

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What do you think, is Elden Ring guilty of reading input?