EA Sports FC 24 renames itself but doesn’t bring anything new

EA Sports FC 24 se rebaptise mais n'apporte rien de nouveau

EA Sports celebrated the release of EA Sports FC 24 by announcing that 11.3 million players played the football video game in its first week of operation, one million more than FIFA 23. last year. For all intents and purposes, this symbolizes the fact that the rebranding from FIFA to EA Sports FC did not harm the franchise at all, even if detractors predicted the worst without the backing of football's governing body.

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From a marketing perspective, this is a major win for EA Sports. Unlike Pro Evolution Soccer, which faded from people's minds when it morphed into eFootball, EA Sports FC demonstrates that it's here to stay and that shedding the FIFA skin hasn't changed anything. her popularity. We can understand that the first opus of the new series did not seek to distance itself from its predecessors – in order to always attract the same players – but it is surprising to note that this title does not even try to bring the slightest novelty. Sorry, dear fans, but EA Sports FC 24 is a revamped FIFA 23 sold at full price.

How could the graphics have gone backwards?

Memes exploded when the first footage of EA Sports FC 24 was released, with fans mocking the poor quality of the player models. A reasonable person would, however, take a step back, understanding that the game is still in development and that we must wait for the final product to be released before making a sweeping judgment. The memes didn’t lie, and no one overreacted. The graphics are worse than before.

While the stadiums have been improved and there are more places to visit, the players are awful. From nightmarish faces to unnatural body positions, there are an embarrassing number of players who don't look at all like their real-life counterparts, even though they're well-known. Additionally, EA Sports didn't scan the faces of many top players for this game, as some of the stars from last season still have generic features. Furthermore, why do several big players still not have authentic celebrations after so many years?

EA Sports FC 24 introduces new animations to the game, such as the referee approaching players in a first-person view to hand out cards and reports at pitchside to add more authenticity, but this doesn't cannot hide the real problems from before which have not been resolved. For example, collision detection is always a coin flip. If you run towards the goal posts, players transform into Halloween monsters as they run through the metal posts and nets. Likewise, it still happens that players get tangled up in a battle for a ball and it is surprising that the PlayStation 5 does not go up in smoke because of all these problems. These issues have been raised for years, but they don't appear to have been resolved and there is little to no improvement.

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Gameplay benefits from slight improvements

Coming back to marketing, EA Sports has always had a knack for talking, telling players about all these new technologies like HyperMotion V, AcceleRATE and PlayStyles. It's like all those cute buzzwords that make a game's engine sound amazing and innovative, but no one knows what they mean in practice. For what it's worth, EA Sports FC 24 updates its gameplay through incremental improvements and developments. The game seems more challenging and the matches are more competitive, which is much more symbolic of the modern game, as the phases of the matches are more intense and more contested.

At the same time, AI is still as smart as the people who trust ChatGPT to be an accurate source of information. The CPU sometimes does the weirdest things, as if EA Sports modeled the entire AI after Harry Maguire's on-pitch decision-making abilities. Any experienced FIFA player will choose the most difficult mode and will still be able to crush their opponents by a few goals.

Additionally, other modes, like VOLTA and Ultimate Team (which replaces FUT), are the same as before. While the ability to combine male and female players in UT is new, it doesn't take away from the fact that the modes need some serious innovation and refreshing to stand out.

Ultimately, EA Sports FC 24 feels like an average FIFA 23 patch, one that fixes a few issues and breaks a lot of others. It's not exactly a brilliant introduction to the new era, as it repeats the biggest mistakes of the past. Of course, some will wonder how you can refresh a sports simulation every year, since there is little that can be done with such a short development time. At this point, however, it becomes much more practical for EA Sports to offer season passes with relevant updates than to pass off a new edition as a completely new game.

Unfortunately, EA Sports is unlikely to learn its lesson based on first week sales numbers alone. The only way to change things is for a legitimate competitor to come forward and create serious competition, which seems unlikely at present.

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