Google Messaging: what you need to know about the new Gmail usage policy!

The latest news is that Google has decided to delete inactive accounts from his Gmail email. The objective is to strengthen the security of mailbox services. This new use policy for the Mountain View giant will only apply from December 2023. In the meantime, so that you can find out more about this current subject, we invite you to answer some of your questions .

The Gmail company following in the footsteps of Microsoft

In August 2019, the company Microsoft began deleting certain accounts that it considered inactive. Today it is the turn of Gmail to do like Hotmail messaging, because Google recently decided to follow in the footsteps of its competitor by sorting out inactive accounts from its mailbox. So, if you have not used your account for more than 24 months, your account may be deleted at the end of the year if you do nothing.

What is the new Google mailbox policy?

Concerning this new usage policy and its rules, it is important to know that the users concerned are only those who have a inactive personal Google account (i.e. which has not been used for more than 2 years, organization accounts are not affected by the measure). The activity and data of this type of account will be completely deleted.

To be considered an active user, you must perform certain tasks (sending or reading emails, using Google Drive, watching a YouTube video, etc.). The Gmail provider ensures that before deleting an account, messages will be sent to the owner to warn them. Thus, users will be able to take their measures and save their data or delete their mailbox themselves. Moreover, there is free backup software and tools allowing the inactive account management (Takeout, inactive Account Manager).

Why does Google want to delete inactive Gmail accounts?

There are several reasons why Google wants to delete inactive Gmail accounts gradually. Among them, there is the strengthening security and optimizing the storage space of their servers for better management. According to the company, accounts that have not had any activity for a long time are more easily subject to hacking. Because their often old password is generally not subject to two-factor authentication. The firm wants to remedy this problem.

How to avoid automatic deletion of your personal account?

If you want to avoid deleting your Gmail account, know that it is possible! To do this, simply make sure to log in to your account or one of the Google services (e.g. Google Drive) every 2 years in order to show signs of activity. When the measures taken by Google are applied at the beginning of December, it will be essential to respect these rules if you want to keep your mailbox. Of course, some accounts will be counted among the assets even without any activity for 2 years. Provided that the Google account was used for purchasing a product or if the account contains a gift card.

Is it possible to recover your account once deleted?

It is legitimate to wonder if it will be possible to recover your Gmail account once deleted. The answer is yes. If your account was inadvertently deleted by Google, you can attempt to recover it by requesting a review within 30 days.

In short, if you've just heard the news and haven't taken steps to keep your Gmail account active, it's time to take precautions before it's too late. Knowing that the measure will be effective from December 1, 2023.