Every time Keanu Reeves got angry and rude in public

Chaque fois que Keanu Reeves s'est mis en colère et s'est montré grossier en public

A person can only handle abuse for so long before they break. Everyone wants their privacy respected and to be left alone from time to time. Keanu Reeves, the nicest man in Hollywood, is usually calm and collected when he appears in public, but that doesn't mean he doesn't get angry. Autograph hunters, fans and paparazzi often target the John Wick star. Keanu is very discreet, generally accommodating and patient with fans and paparazzi. However, there are times when Keanu Reeves is forced to take a stand and make his feelings known in the face of the paparazzi harassing him. Here are some times the humble celebrity lost her cool and became rude.

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Hollywood Boulevard

In 2007, the Matrix star was dining on Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles. As Keanu walked back to his car, he was mobbed by rude paparazzi who blinded him with their flashing cameras. The actor remained silent for most of the long walk, only raising his hand to shield his face from the incessant flashes and prevent the paparazzi from taking a good photo of his face.

The invading team continued to run past Keanu, who eventually responded to the desperate burst by mocking the photographers who were scrambling to get a good shot. “Run! Run for your life. It's your job, think about your job!”

The paparazzi were so constant that Keanu Reeves eventually lost his temper, got angry and swore at them. One of the paparazzi even had the nerve to respond to Keanu with outrage, stating that Keanu was too “harsh.”

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Restaurants and paparazzi

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The paparazzi love to stalk Keanu, especially when he's out to grab a bite to eat. In 2008, Keanu arrived at Comme Ca in West Hollywood for dinner with Anita Hodson. Reeves and Hodson were romantically involved between 2008 and 2009. Hodson was Keanu's mother's personal assistant before their romance.

The star appeared bored as she stopped by with her Porshe for dinner. As Keanu made his way to the restaurant, he covered his face, but he grew tired of the photographers angling for photos and gave the finger. When Keanu entered the restaurant, he shook his entire body in a symbolic gesture, happy to be free of the encroaching cameras and vulture photographers.

After dinner, the star left the establishment with Hodson, but faced an avalanche of disturbing comments and questions from the obnoxious paparazzi. One particularly rude photographer even mocked the John Wick star by imitating Keanu's voice and asking if it bothered Keanu that he looked like the actor.

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Keanu gives the finger

Every time Keanu Reeves got angry and rude in public

In general, Keanu is patient with photographers and even jokes with some of them. On rare occasions, he makes his feelings known, and his favorite way of showing his displeasure is by hiding his face or giving photographers the finger. Keanu is often spotted around Los Angeles riding a motorcycle and, on several occasions, an annoyed and angry Keanu Reeves has given the paparazzi the finger while on his motorcycle.

Keanu and the paparazzi

Every time Keanu Reeves got angry and rude in public

Like all celebrities, Keanu is hounded by paparazzi and autograph hunters. Recently, Keanu lost his temper in one of his most spectacular outbursts and became uncharacteristically rude to an opportunistic autograph hunter. The star was harassed outside a shopping complex and took out her frustration on the individual and the paparazzi, saying: “…I need some time to myself; leave me alone !” The autograph seeker who has been harassing Reeves responds to his outburst by saying, “I see what you mean, man.” Keanu, exasperated and very annoyed, replies: “No, you don’t see what you’re getting at, man!”

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Keanu's love-hate relationship with the paparazzi came to a head in 2007. A paparazzi named Alison Silva filed a civil lawsuit against the Matrix actor. Silva claims he was thrown to the ground and injured his wrist in March 2007 while trying to take photos of Reeves leaving a house in his Porsche in the affluent Ranchos Palos Verdes neighborhood of Los Angeles. The case dragged on until 2008, and Keanu was eventually exonerated.

Keanu Reeves is nice, but that doesn't give the paparazzi the right to abuse his niceness. Keanu is generally gracious, signing autographs and posing for photos with his fans. Every once in a while, though, the star is pushed to the edge, loses his nice-guy image and makes it known that he's had enough.

Keanu may lose his temper or show the middle finger, but most fans understand that Keanu is just a regular man. He's a celebrity, but he behaves like a gentleman and is polite to everyone. Fans understand that Keanu is human and that sometimes even the nicest man can lose his cool.

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  • Keanu Reeves is one of the most famous celebrities on the planet.
  • The paparazzi often attack the star, who nevertheless keeps her cool.
  • Sometimes the star gets rude to paparazzi and autograph seekers, shattering his nice-guy image.