God of War Ragnarok Photo Mode Helps Fans Uncover New Details

Le mode photo de God of War Ragnarok aide les fans à découvrir de nouveaux détails

Sony Santa Monica Studio has shown us time and time again that they are an impeccable game creation studio and will do anything to make the best games possible. Year after year they have delivered on their promises, and because of it we have some of the best PlayStation games ever made. But that's not all, they also keep updating these games with new features. Now, thanks to a new update introducing Photo Mode, God of War Ragnarok fans can take photos across all nine realms.

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Thanks to God of War Ragnarok's photo mode, players found Thor's tooth.

Thor's Tooth

It's no secret that Kratos faces many members of the Norse pantheon in God of War Ragnarok, as he did throughout the Greek trilogy. From the start of the game, Kratos engages in a fight against Thor, the god of thunder. As he trades blows, Kratos lands a sharp blow on Thor's jaw, knocking a tooth out of the giant god's mouth.

After the fight was over, a player took a low-quality video claiming to have found the fallen tooth on the ground beneath the battle scene. While it's hard to be sure due to the quality of the video, other players have claimed to have found the missing tooth using photo mode, which makes it all the more possible.

Some comments on the post claim to have heard an audio signal indicating that the tooth landed on the ice immediately after the hit. But, of course, they would have had to listen very carefully to hear something so small. Still, if that's the case, it means Sony Santa Monica is really paying attention to detail in their game.

Fortunately there is photo mode

The mystery has been solved thanks to the power of Photo Mode in God of War Ragnarok. The player saw a large, crooked-looking tooth come loose, likely from Thor's jaw. This photo confirms that what players found and heard was Thor's tooth hitting the ice.

Although a relatively minor detail, the fact that there is both a visual element and an audio cue means that multiple departments at Sony Santa Monica collaborated to create such a tiny detail to incorporate into the game. Of course, we already knew the studio was putting a lot of attention to detail into the game, but going to such lengths to include such a minor detail that the vast majority of players could easily overlook really speaks to the power and the integrity of the studio.

The creativity of the Sony Santa Monica studio is truly astounding. The fact that multiple departments within the studio came together to give us such a small detail makes me think that there are tons of other small details in the game that we all missed and are waiting to be discovered.

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What interesting details did you discover thanks to God of War Ragnarok's photo mode?