Gotham Knights Character Rankings

Classement des personnages de Gotham Knights

A world without Batman is nothing to celebrate, but the good news is that the characters of Gotham Knights are ready to fill the void. Plus, it's nice to see other members of the Bat-Family in a video game, because normally everything revolves around the Dark Knight and everyone else plays supporting roles. To satisfy fans of the different members of the Bat-Family, WB Games Montreal chose four of the most popular characters from the mythology and made them playable characters in the game.

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The best part is that players can switch between Gotham Knights characters, making the game feel fresh and varied even on the first playthrough. With multiple heroes to choose from, some players may wonder who is the best player and who is the most underrated in the game. Well, we have you covered. Here is the ranking of Gotham Knights characters.

5. Alfred Pennyworth

Whether in comics, films or television series, there is always one constant: Alfred Pennyworth as Batman's right-hand man. With the disappearance of the Dark Knight in Gotham Knights, Alfred does not automatically retire and retreat to the Canary Islands. Instead, he steps up as he has before, becoming an ally, a motivator, and the voice of reason for the rest of the Bat-Family. He may not be smashing skulls or bashing kneecaps like the rest of the Gotham Knights characters, but his presence at the Belfry makes all the difference to everyone else.

4. Tim Drake (Robin)

Ever since fans first met him, Tim Drake has always preferred to use his brains over his brawn in difficult situations – and that's no different in Gotham Knights. His quarterstaff is particularly useful in keeping enemies at bay, and his wushu skills show that he is a competent fighter in his own right. However, in a game where there are many fights, he is significantly less powerful than the other characters in Gotham Knights. Drake more than makes up for it in other areas, as he is undoubtedly the best detective in the Bat-Family.

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3. Jason Todd (Red Hood)

Jason Todd

As the second Boy Wonder, Jason Todd is known for being the aggressive one of the group. He is rougher and tougher than the others, and not afraid to cross the line when necessary. Gotham Knights features a hulking version of the Red Hood, who never seems to miss a leg day and only thinks about winning. He is a large and powerful boxer, who uses his superior strength to his advantage. When surrounded by monsters or the Court of Owls and there's nowhere to go, Red Hood is the Gotham Knights character a player will want to have on their side, because he gets himself out of trouble. any situation with punches and fire.

2. Barbara Gordon (Batgirl)

Batgirl Characters from Gotham Knights

When it comes to balance, Barbara Gordon has it all. Her speed, agility, and kickboxing skills make her a threat in any fight. She also knows how to use a tonfa to knock out any opponent who gets too close to her. Batgirl also has some clever moves in her arsenal, so if she puts anyone in her line of sight, it's game over for them in the blink of an eye. For a first-time Gotham Knights player, Batgirl is undoubtedly a well-rounded character to choose, and should prove to be a favorite for many.

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1. Dick Grayson (Nightwing)

Nightwing Gotham Knights Characters

Ironically, early in Gotham Knights, Nightwing isn't the easiest character to use or get used to. Although he has some nice moves and moves, he seems significantly underpowered compared to his teammates. However, his skill tree unlocks a different character who is the perfect fusion of Batman and Spider-Man. Once the player has developed Nightwing and spent time choosing the perfect path for him, he is unstoppable in mid-flight and easily the best of all the characters in Gotham Knights. The flying Grayson, indeed.

Tell us, who are your favorite Gotham Knights characters?