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Gotham Knights Critique du jeu

It feels like it’s been forever since Gotham Knights was announced. Delays and a pandemic didn't do gamers any favors, as everyone waited to play this game that follows the Bat-Family after the death of Bruce Wayne/Batman. It's a new Gotham City, without the Dark Knight, and it's up to his protégés to eliminate all the moles that come out of the woods. The question is, are the Gotham Knights better than Batman or is it more the Knight and the Day here?

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How it works ?

Red Hood in the game Gotham Knights

The internet loves nothing more than to create panic and jump to conclusions. Gotham Knights gameplay and cutscene trailers all looked fantastic, but people were still worried that the game would be terrible. This is not the case. The game looks good and runs well on PlayStation 5. The only issues encountered are momentary lag in a Batcycle sequence and a crash after saving (which didn't happen the second time) – both minor issues that could be isolated and corrected by updates.

More importantly, this is a new version of Gotham City built from the ground up. It's an open world and a modern aesthetic, more reminiscent of Marvel's Spider-Man or even Guardians of the Galaxy than Arkham. But make no mistake, this is definitely a Bat-World, because you can practically lick the filth (and crime) off the screen.

We're not in Arkham anymore, Toto.

Gotham Knights will draw comparisons to the Arkham series, and we can see why. Not only because of the development team working on the project, but also because of certain elements of the game. That said, it is important to emphasize that these games are not related and that there are fundamental differences in their approaches. Let's get to the most important one: the combat mechanics.

The Arkham series had a fluid, action-packed style where knockdowns played a big role in combat. Gotham Knights is different, relying more on dodging and specific fighting styles. For example, Robin's staff has the advantage of keeping opponents at a distance, while Red Hood is more adept at close combat. Likewise, a player does not want to get into a street fight with 10 opponents with Robin, because he will be overpowered. The good news is that you can switch between characters in the Belfry, allowing you to find the one that suits you best and progress from there (or play as them all).

At the same time, the enjoyment of the combat system will depend on the choices the player makes and the growth of the skill tree. For example, as a fan of Nightwing, he seems extremely underpowered early in the game; However, as the game progresses and his skills increase, he becomes the flying Grayson we all know and love.

Oh, and here's a free tip: if anyone wants a well-rounded character to start with, Batgirl is a solid choice.

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It's more than smashing skulls.

Nightwing in Gotham Knights

Action is just one small element of Gotham Knights, though. While Arkham had a Detective mode, this game offers an AR mode – which is essentially the same thing but under a different name. Still, we feel like we spend more time exploring this version of Gotham City than the others. The main reason for this is that the Gotham Knights storyline is a gigantic mystery from start to finish. Not everything is clear or linear in a trajectory from A to B, as the player will have to solve numerous clues, interrogate a few thugs and explore the world to experience the full story.

The puzzle sections of Gotham Knights are reminiscent of those in Batman: The Telltale Series, where certain assumptions and connections must be made by the player in order to move forward. If someone is really stuck, the game offers the option to move forward without resolving them. That said, there's something special about sneaking into labs, hidden areas, and crime scenes, lurking around when you know you're not supposed to be there. The world is huge, so don't hesitate to explore all the cracks and shadows of Gotham.

A slow start but Gotham Knights is improving

Story-wise, Gotham Knights takes a while to get going. The first few missions are rather slow and unexciting, as it is more DLC content than a main storyline. However, once the game picks up speed, it becomes captivating and reveals a host of secrets about Gotham City and its devious citizens.

At the same time, the audience also grows with the characters. As in the video game Guardians of the Galaxy, the more time you spend with the characters, the more the player becomes fond of them. Throughout the story, we discover more about the Bat-Family and their relationships with each other, with Batman, and even with themselves. In addition, the plot of the Court of Owls is perfect, which is to be expected since the developers consulted the co-creator of the characters and the concept, Scott Snyder. The game has a few surprises, but as soon as you encounter the first Talon, you'll want to punch him.

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Fly solo or cooperatively?

Red Hood, Robin, Batgirl, and Nightwing in Gotham Knights

By design, Gotham Knights is ideal as a single-player game. Like in Arkham, the player can sit back, relax, and send the bad guys to the infirmary whenever they want. However, the co-op mode is actually quite fun in the sense that it allows other players to interfere in your campaign whenever they want, without it having a detrimental effect on your progress.

For example, let's say you're in Blackgate and an online player wants to join you for the slugfest. He shows up, helps you eliminate the inmates, then logs out of the game. This doesn't affect your gameplay at all, as you will be able to continue playing as usual. The only difference is that if the main player disconnects, the game ends for both parties.

A cooperative mode for four players will be launched after the game's release, which will allow you to accomplish challenges and all kinds of carnage; however, time will tell if it's worth it or not.

But is Gotham Knights good or not?

Without a shadow of a doubt, it's certain that a lot of people are going to criticize Gotham Knights for not being exactly like Arkham. It's an unfair comparison, but it is what it is. It also doesn't help that the game takes a while to get going and some elements of the combat system take some getting used to. However, once it gets going, it becomes a beast in its own right and establishes itself as an exciting game that delivers on its promises. There's so much to do and so much to discover, so prepare to get lost in this new Gotham City for many hours, days and months.


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