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Prepare for a new challenge in God of War Ragnarök with the addition of New Game Plus. Find out in this article how this feature will change the game.

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Recently released in November 2022, God of War Ragnarök, many fans of the franchise have been excited about the latest installment. Not only was the game the first in its series to be released cross-gen (meaning you can play it on the PlayStation 4 and 5), but it also received numerous nominations, including the Game Award for Best Game the year. He has also won numerous awards, including The Game Award for Best Performance. Additionally, many fans were impressed by the latest installment in the series, describing the game as perfect and praising the game's storytelling and interactive side quests you can take part in.

Of course, despite the definitive end of God of War Ragnarök, players are still hoping for a new episode. Even though Sony hasn't responded to fans' desire to see another God of War game, the company has released a new DLC for God of War Ragnarök that will allow players to relive the game. The New Game Plus (NG+ ) went live yesterday, April 5, 2023, and is accessible after players complete the game on any difficulty level. Additionally, New Game Plus allows players to keep everything they unlocked by completing the game. So when you play the game again, you will have access to all your weapons and other arsenals from the beginning. This is in addition to new items that you can unlock when replaying, purchase in the store, or automatically gain access to when you use the New Game Plus (NG+) DLC for the first time.

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How to access the New Game Plus (NG+) DLC?

The DLC offers players access to new equipment, a new level cap and new enchantments, allowing for unique gameplay. So, as soon as you beat the game (The Realms at War quest), you can access the “New Game +” option from the main menu. By selecting this option, you will be asked which save you want to use for New Game+, but remember that you can only select the Warring States quest. No other saves will work with the DLC. Next, you will be asked to select a manual New Game Data slot and then choose your difficulty settings for the game. If you do not do this, the NG+ will use your existing difficulty settings.

What items do you start with in New Game Plus?

  • Black Bear Armor: This is a different version of the outfit you started the game with on your first playthrough. Starting at level 7, this is the fur cape that Kratos wears at the very beginning of the game, but now sports black and yellow colors.
  • Weapons: Kratos will start the game with his Draupnir Spear and the Blades of Chaos, which will normally only be unlocked after his fight against Thor. Additionally, her shield will not break during the fight against the Huntress, as was the case in the first part of the game. However, the game will act as if the shield had broken.
  • Kill Labor and Ratatask Progression: Progression for both will carry over from your previous game.
  • Story Restrictions: You can only change equipment for certain characters after a specific story event. For example, Kratos can only change equipment after his dream, Atreus can only do so after meeting the Raiders after the fight against the bear Bjorn, and Freya can only change equipment by joining his group in The Reckoning quest in Vanaheim.

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What items do you need to unlock again in New Game Plus?

  • Collectibles: Unfortunately, all bloodline and artifact collectibles will be reset, meaning you'll have to rediscover them when you play for the second time.
  • Sonic Arrows and Hex Arrows: To avoid disrupting the game's narrative, you must unlock these items again by playing New Game Plus. Moreover, it is also to ensure that you can complete the puzzles without any problem.
  • Codex Entries: All codex entries will need to be unlocked as you progress through the game's NG+ playthrough, as they will be reset.

What general additions will be included in New Game Plus?

  • Level Cap: Kratos and all your enemies will be much stronger in the NG+ game thanks to a new power cap. Additionally, all your level 9 equipment, such as armor, weapons, weapon components, and shields, can be upgraded to “Plus” version, allowing you to progress further in the game.
  • Resources: The new DLC will provide new resources that you can upgrade as you play. This includes weapons, weapon attachments, shields and armor. These include the Skap Slag resource, seen in God of War 2018. You can also purchase more resources from Dwarf Shops to upgrade your gear, and you can sell resources in expanded quantities instead of selling them at the end. ‘unit.
  • Black and White Rendering Mode: You can now unlock Black and White mode after beating the game once. To enable it, simply find the “Graphics & Camera” option in the Settings menu.
  • Skill Mod Tokens: NG+ will allow players to upgrade their skill mod tokens with XP. This will make their effects more powerful.
  • Slaughter Jobs and Ratatasks Tiers: In NG+, there will be a new Platinum tier that can be unlocked during NG+ gameplay or when you first play through the game. If you need to complete a particular task multiple times to unlock the Platinum level of the NG+, and you already did it during your first playthrough, it will be unlocked in the NG+ when you start your second playthrough.
  • Difficulty: This is not necessarily exclusive to the NG+ version of the game, but the DLC allowed players to display their difficulty level on screen. This option can be enabled in the “Gameplay” tab of the Settings menu, in the HUD section.
  • Golden Coin: If you convert your equipment to level 9.1, you will receive a Golden Coin, which can be used in Dwarf Shops.
  • Chests: Hacked silver can be found in greater quantities in chests and throughout the game. Additionally, previously opened Nnior chests will now contain Yggdrasil Dew which will increase Kratos' base stats.

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What will your new Game Plus gear look like?

Typically, some of the existing armor in the God of War Ragnarök game will now have a new look. Sony has overhauled 13 of their current armors, adding new color schemes for a more refreshing look. As long as your armor is level 9 or higher, you can apply them after purchasing it from the Huldra Brothers Shop. However, Berserker armor is only accessible after defeating the Berserker King during your New Game Plus run-through. Here are some of the other items you will have access to through the NG+ DLC:

– Black Bear Armor

As mentioned above, Kratos' fur coat in the game's opening scene will be added to the NG+ additions. However, it will not only serve to keep the demigod warm, but will also provide stats primarily focused on Strength and Defense. For example, the Chest Armor Perk will increase immunity when dodging an enemy attack, and a last-second dodge will allow you to fire Bifrost shards at your enemy. On Kratos' first melee attack after dodging an enemy, the wrist and belt perks will increase the damage dealt.

– Spartan armor

The God of War Ragnarök Spartan Armor will be perfect for those who prefer a more independent approach to the game or who simply enjoy a challenge. Unfortunately, the armor is stuck at level 1 and has no stats or perks. This means that you will not have any means of protection, which will reduce your character to the minimum while increasing the difficulty level to the maximum. You can also purchase Attachments of Sparta, which includes weapons also locked at level 1, with no perks or stats. But if you're not a fan of the difficulty increase but want to keep the Spartan look, you can transmog it with another set.

– Armor of Ares

Available for purchase for Hacksilver at the Huldra Brothers Shop, New Game Plus reintroduces the Ares and Zeus armors from God of War 2018. Featuring new visuals and perks, they offer lucky players the chance to drop a health stone on one hit. You can get a rage gain with a larger explosion by stomping on the health stone.

– Armor of Zeus

This armor allows you to increase your melee and rune damage, but the problem is that incoming damage is also increased. Therefore, a single hit can knock Kratos down in one hit if you're not careful. On the other hand, you can inflict fantastic punishment on your enemies, as the armor offers top-notch raw power. After defeating Gná, the queen of the Valkyries, and completing the specific NG+ of the remains of Asgard, you will unlock the armor of Zeus.

– Spartan Aspis (New Shield)

Also available from the Huldra Brothers Shop with Hacksilver, the Spartan Aspis differs from the Warden's Shield in the parry window. The Spartan Aspis window is significantly smaller, making timing difficult. However, if used correctly, the damage is very rewarding.

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What new enchantments does New Game Plus bring us?

Buy Engraving and Insignia Enchantments with Gold Coins

This means that you can purchase any of the nineteen gear enchantments from Dawrven's shops with your gold coins. Simply put, New Game Plus enchantments will give you a selection of powerful perks from armor (engravings) and shields (badges). From there, you can equip them into your amulet as an enchantment. Unfortunately, you cannot double perks, and they have a minimum Stat requirement that must be met before the perk is unlocked even if you equip it. However, you can create various armor combinations. For example, you can equip certain chest armor perks while wearing other armor, meaning you can combine the perks from both chest armors.

Berserker Souls will boost your stat enchantments

You will be rewarded with new enchantments when you defeat a Berserker Soul in your New Game Plus playthrough. Once equipped, these enchantments will help you maintain the build you prefer and boost Kratos' stats.

Burden enchantments will make the game more difficult

With a total of nine Burden enchantments available, this new set of enchantments costs 10,000 Hacksilver each and serves to make the game more difficult. For example, the Burden of Evasion will automatically inflict the freeze effect every time Kratos rolls. Also available at the Huldra Brothers Shop, it is advisable to try to combine the nine burdens with the Spartan armor to enjoy maximum difficulty in the New Game Plus version of God of War Ragnarök.

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What else can we expect from God of War Ragnarök New Game Plus?

New Game Plus enemies and bosses have been adjusted


Many bosses and enemies have been changed so that even if you defeated them in your previous playthrough, the NG+ run proves to be a real challenge. Here's what you can expect from your battles in the NG+ run of God of War Ragnarök:

  • Final bosses such as King Hrolf Kraki and Queen Valkyrie Gna have had their moves changed, so when you encounter them in the NG+ run, they will be much more difficult to beat. This also applies to optional bosses such as the Grim, which you can choose to fight in the Alberich Tunnel of Svartalfheim, and which will all have additional moves.
  • Bosses will drop new resources and loot in the NG+ game, such as the Flame of the Storm, which you find when fighting the Huntress.
  • All bosses and mini-bosses you encounter in Give Me No Mercy and Give Me God of War difficulty levels will be wearing rune armor. This will make it much more difficult to break through their armor unless you use the right runic attacks to take them down.
  • The Merciless difficulty setting also allows other enemies to activate the Elite option during combat and increase their health and damage while gaining a power level.

New Game Plus expands Nifelheim training arena

By unlocking NG+, you will now have access to an expanded training arena. This means that you will be able to choose from a larger number of enemies to practice combat with. Additionally, you can choose to play as Atreus or Kratos and choose a companion from the following characters:

  • Kratos (if you play as Atreus or vice versa)
  • Brok
  • Angrboda
  • Thrud
  • Freya
  • Sindri
  • Ingrid
  • Thor

Skipping the cutscene is optional

Thanks to New Game Plus, you now have the opportunity to play the NG+ version of God of War Ragnarök at your own pace. If you wish, you can skip cut scenes when replaying the game's story. Of course, you also have the option to skip any scenes and relive the game in its entirety.

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How to take full advantage of the New Game Plus DLC


If you haven't yet completed your first playthrough of God of War Ragnarök or haven't yet started your second playthrough with the New Game Plus DLC, these tips can help you fully enjoy the DLC experience. For example, it's important to keep in mind that you will be rewarded if you complete something in your NG+ run that you already completed in your first run of the game. That said, try to complete everything in your first run, because it will help you considerably during the second one. Additionally, no matter what difficulty level you played the first run on, NG+ will end up being more difficult.

Another tip that can help you reach the NG+ level of the game is to upgrade all your equipment to level 7 (at minimum). Of course, upgrading them to a higher level will benefit you more, but it's fine if that's all you can do. You will want to upgrade weapons such as the Leviathan Axe, Blades of Chaos, Draupnir Spear and Shield, as well as weapon attachments. Also, don’t forget to improve your abilities. Remember that completing your Combat Ratatasks in your first playthrough can help you unlock Platinum Tiers in your NG+ playthrough and, therefore, earn Skap Slag.

Finally, as we mentioned above, the game has some story restrictions. Therefore, you need to make sure your character wears the armor and uses the weapons you want. This means you need to make sure the customization settings you want are in place before starting your second run, as you will only be able to change them after passing certain plot points in the game.

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