My Hero Academia Chapter 386 – The Breakup

My Hero Academia Chapitre 386 - La rupture

Kōhei Horikoshi deserves a lot of praise for creating one of the most important manga and anime series in recent years. The sixth season of the anime adaptation of My Hero Academia has just ended after a fantastic series. Naturally, fans are eager to know the rest of the season, and many have started reading the manga. The final chapter of My Hero Academia has officially concluded the story, leaving fans eager to experience the next chapter which will be released on Monday, May 8, 2023. Unfortunately, Chapter 386 heralds the death of some major My Hero Academia characters .

Warning: Major spoilers for the latest chapter of My Hero Academia lie below.

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Long story short, our pro heroes are now faced with All for One, who used Eri's quirk to return to his original state. The villain is now trying to make his way to Shigaraki to absorb him and become the ultimate tyrant. However, he must get there quickly before Eri's quirk kills him. Since the heroes of My Hero Academia are not numerous enough to stop All for One, it is All Might who takes it upon himself to destroy his sworn enemy. Of course, this adds to the chaos in the city. Fans are now wondering what this means for some of their favorite characters, especially All Might.

How will All Might fight All for One without his Quirk?

This is the question that My Hero Academia fans have been asking themselves for a week, worried at the idea of ​​seeing All Might fight the monster that is now All for One (AFO). Indeed, AFO has taken Hawk's quirk and is now flying towards Shigaraki at the speed of light. Meanwhile, Midoriya fights Shigaraki on the other side of town, his hands literally tied. At the same time, Endeavor fights Dabi in Gunga while Shoto and Ida are on their way to save the civilians from the U.A. bunker, which is about to collapse.

AFO has already eliminated most of the Pro Heroes in Gunga, and no one can stop him from reaching Shigaraki before he perishes. As he travels, we see All Might waiting on an empty street with the same mysterious briefcase we saw him carrying a few chapters earlier. Of course, we all know he's there to fight AFO, as we learned during his brief conversation with Shoto and Ida, where he advised them to go to Gunga. Toshinori assures the students that a great ally will stop the menacing villain.

As AFO spots All Might, he has one of the scariest smiles in the series. Then All Might's briefcase begins to transform, along with his car behind him, in a breathtaking sequence. Unfortunately, the chapter ends before we can see the result of this transformation, leaving fans waiting. Will the briefcase give All Might a Gundam-like mobile suit? Is My Hero Academia's technology advanced enough to beat AFO? Or is this a false lead and does Horikoshi have a surprise in store for us?

The fight can take place in two ways. First of all, we have to remember that All Might doesn't necessarily need to win this fight. Rather, he must ensure that AFO loses by regressing due to Eri's powerful quirk. So it's basically about saving time. And it's been made obvious that nothing besides Midoriya can stop AFO at this point. This is evident in how he leveled the Pro Heroes army in Gunga as well as his former OP ally, Gigantomachia. So how could All Might do this?

One theory is that All Might's briefcase transforms into a heavily armed robotic suit. Of course, Horikoshi refers to Tony Stark's suitcase in Iron Man 2 (2010). It is not impossible that such a suit was designed, with many believing it to be a product of U.A. Director Nezu. However, after establishing the strength that AFO possesses, it seems impossible that a Hulkbuster-like suit would be enough to slow down the villain.

This brings us back to the appearance of a pivotal character in the first film in the series, My Hero Academia: Two Heroes (2018). This character is none other than David Shield, a former scientist sidekick who creates support items for heroes. One scene, in particular, sees David trying to convince All Might to use his “Quirk Amplification Device”, but the hero refuses. Ultimately, the device would allow users to enhance their quirk in a similar way to Trigger, but without the harmful effects of the drug.

As for the power of the device, we turn to the film's main villain, Wolfram, who stole the device and whose powers have grown. After stealing the device, his powers grew to the point where he could rival All Might. It is true that All Might is then exhausted. However, after Wolfram's defeat, the device was destroyed. That's not to say it couldn't be reproduced later if David's research was still relevant. It would make sense to give it to the former number one hero to face the biggest threat we've seen so far.

The device consisted of a gray helmet and some blue canisters, and we see that All Might's armor is much larger. However, considering the former hero's physical condition, it would make sense that such a device would be much larger to compensate for what was lost. Additionally, it could be an upgraded version of the device that incorporates Eri's blood and semen into its system, which would return All Might to his original state while causing as little damage as possible to his body.

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Will all the Powerful die in this fight against One for All?

Will everyone die in this fight against One for All?

It goes without saying that Toshinori Yagi is the favorite character of many, both in the series and the manga. However, we met the hero in a weakened state, and many fear that each fight will be his last. In fact, Sir Nighteye even hinted to us during the training arc that All Might would die a horrible death. Granted, Midoriya proved Nighteye's quirk to be inaccurate by defeating Overhaul, but that's not the only warning sign we received.

One for All is Concerned: Midoriya hasn't unleashed his full power yet because All Might is still alive. As harsh as it may sound, All Might is the missing vestige, and his death would make Midoriya truly powerful. The whole of Chapter 386 feels like this is the last time we see All Might. The way he addresses everyone, his facial expressions, and his most iconic line, “I'm here,” at the end of the chapter… it all felt like a heavy foreshadowing. Not to mention the chapter title is “I AM HERE”, which makes this moment even scarier for fans.

It would therefore be surprising if the hero survived the fight. Shigaraki being AFO's successor, just like Midoriya is All Might's, would be a great way for both characters to pass the torch. Ultimately, it seems unlikely that All Might will beat AFO, but it's entirely possible that they both die in this fight. AFO killing All Might will give Midoriya the strength he needs to defeat Shigaraki.

But that would be after AFO was able to absorb Shigaraki. Although everyone thinks AFO's consciousness would be in control, it would be an epic twist if Shigaraki absorbed AFO instead. This would mean that Shigaraki now has part of his “mentor”, like Midoriya and One for All. This would result in two historical figures facing off in an epic battle that could end the entire series.

Of course, many My Hero Academia fans worry that All Might's fight won't do him justice. And given the importance of Toshinori's character, it's unlikely that Horikoshi would have the hero die in vain. However, if this is All Might's final fight, one thing fans can be sure of is that the hero will leave having fulfilled his dream of making the world a better place. Or, at the very least, contributing to it. It's not for nothing that Hirokoshi titled this arc the “Final War”.

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Which other characters could die in the final war arc?

Final War Arc

It seems All Might isn't the only character we have to worry about. Our number one hero, Endeavor, is currently facing Dabi in Gunga. Initially, he was one of the least likeable characters on the show, but he has progressed a lot in terms of character development. In fact, we saw him try to make amends for his terrible actions with his family and form a bond with Shoto. As we know, Dabi is his son, and the two have an intense and painful history.

Endeavor is another character whose death feels like it's foreshadowed. Although a lot of this is due to his internal struggle with the guilt of his actions. Although he has redeemed himself several times, the hero does not feel like he has done so at all. This is especially true when it comes to Dabi, as we know he felt immense guilt thinking his son died because of him. And now their feud has come to a head in this intense battle in Gunga.

Dabi's flames have reached such a temperature that he risks self-combustion at any time if the temperature rises further. In fact, it could end up going supernova, delivering a blast so powerful it would wipe out anything within a 5km radius. But, of course, the American shelter that is currently collapsing happens to be within firing range. It is estimated that it would take 10 minutes for Dabi to explode, but at this rate the shelter could collapse before then.

As we know, All Might advised Shoto and Ida to go to Gunga to save everyone in the shelter. Additionally, he made it clear that their quirks were key to saving these civilians, meaning three possible scenarios can play out. Ida unlocks new speeds to allow Shoto to reach safety in time, while Shoto reveals two powerful new moves: Phosphor and Great Glacial Aegir.

In the first scenario, Shoto uses one of these techniques to stop Dabi from exploding. Phosphorus would be suitable for this, but Great Frost Aegis could also prevent the explosion from hitting the shelter. The second scenario could result in Ida's death. With the speed he's currently moving at, it's possible he'll pick up Dabi and push him out of reach. However, this would most likely result in his death. As Hoshikori pulls out all stops, the death of one or more U.A. students. in this arc will come as no surprise.

Finally, the third and most likely scenario would see Endeavor sacrifice himself to save everyone. Most likely, he would put Dabi out of reach, redeeming himself in the most heroic way possible, both as a hero and as a father. One then wonders why Shoto would be needed in Gunga, but it would probably be to attend one last meeting to say goodbye. This seems even more likely since the Todoroki family members left in the vault are also trying to get to Endeavor. While this is another devastating blow on top of All Might's possible death, it will make for a fantastic moment for the character.

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Hero Killer: Will Stain play a role in the final fight?

My Hero Academia Might

Throughout the chapter, we see Stain observing the heroes from the shadows. In fact, we see him name the last line of heroes “True, Altruistic Heroes”, showing that he fully supports them. But, as we know, until now, it was All Might he respected the most. And it would be hard to believe that Horikoshi wrote these scenes without paying for them. So, considering Stain's quirk, it would make more sense for him to join either Endeavor or All Might.

Bloodcurdle would be useful in stopping Dabi from exploding and neutralizing AFO. But, of course, he can only help one hero, and it seems more likely to be All Might. Fans are excited for a team-up between the former number one hero and the hero killer: Stain. And that would make sense after so many villains reformed and redeemed themselves by helping fight AFO, like La Brava, Gentle Criminal, and Lady Nagant.

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