PlayStation’s Project Q should have been the PS Vita 2

Le projet Q de la PlayStation aurait dû être la PS Vita 2

PlayStation announced its latest handheld device, dubbed “Project Q,” during the PlayStation Showcase. However, while players were initially excited, their enthusiasm waned slightly when they realized there was a catch.

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Unlike most handheld devices previously released by PlayStation, this one is a remote play device, meaning it does not have onboard gaming capabilities and is a remote play device continuously only. Time will tell if this is a problem for Sony fans, but many gamers think the new device should have been the PS Vita 2 instead.

Project Q

This new peripheral is a portable device designed to stream games from the PlayStation 5. While it doesn't sound that bad, it's essentially useless if you get it and don't have a PS5 to stream your games.

Games are streamed from the PS5 to the portable device using Remote Play over Wi-Fi. As with most cloud-based gaming solutions, you'll have You need a strong internet connection to do this without having to suffer the infuriating scourge of all gamers, latency.

The device features an 8-inch screen, which is 3 inches larger than the previous handheld device, the PS Vita. Additionally, the button layout directly matches that of a standard DualSense controller. Like the PS5 controller, it will also have haptic feedback.

If you have a strong Wi-Fi connection, you should be able to stream games at 1080p and 60FS, which is decent for a portable device.

The device does not have cellular capabilities, so it is a receiver that allows for more comfortable gaming.

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Fans wanted the PS Vita 2

Although the Project Q's layout and portable capability were similar to the PlayStation Portable and PS Vita, the latter two offered onboard gaming functionality, meaning there was no need for a another PlayStation device to stream your games.

After first launching in 2011 in Japan and 2012 in international territories, gamers hoped that the new portable console project would be the PS Vita 2, taking the design elements of the PS Vita and transforming them into something more modern .

PlayStation was not far from achieving this, by increasing the screen from 5 inches to 8 inches, taking the old layout and adapting it to that of the PS5 controller.

Unfortunately, what gamers really wanted was for the PS Vita's gaming capabilities to be carried over, as it avoided having to buy two consoles. Portable devices are great if you're short on space or don't have a TV. However, Project Q requires you to already have a PS5, which has been notoriously difficult to obtain.

Is this a breaking point for PlayStation gamers? Probably not. Many loyal Sony fans will continue to support the brand, but what PlayStation offers its players might not be exactly what they were hoping for.

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Release date and price

What PlayStation had to offer us on this was a bit slim, as all we know is that the handheld device is expected to launch in 2023. However, the release date and price have yet to be announced. been communicated.

When the portable device launches, it will come with new PlayStation Wireless Headphones that will likely work with all your PlayStation devices, even smartphones.


  • PlayStation has just announced its new portable device, Project Q.
  • Although gamers are excited about this new device, it is a streaming-only device, which does not have on-board gaming capabilities.
  • Many PlayStation users believe that PlayStation should have released the PS Vita 2 instead of a streaming-only device.

Do you agree that PlayStation should have released the PS Vita 2 instead of Project Q?