StrideCharge innovates by offering a solution for worn-out cell phones: the wireless charging phone case and holder

StrideCharge innove en proposant une solution pour les téléphones portables hors d'usage : l'étui et le support pour téléphone à recharge sans fil

If you're a cyclist, the open road is irresistible, whether it's a secluded trail that takes you deep into a forest or a sidewalk that leads you past street vendors and beautiful buildings. Any hike is an opportunity for you to test yourself, see what you can do and escape the pressure of work. But you also know how frustrating it is when the adventure is interrupted by a turned off cell phone. One moment you're riding, enjoying the adrenaline, and the next moment you're trying to remember where you last saw the gas station. StrideCharge, whose product designers are cyclists themselves, has innovated to keep the adventure going: the first patent-pending wireless phone case and holder for bicycles.

With StrideCharge's iPhone charging case, built-in battery, and stand, you can, in essence, bring your own electrical outlet to charge your phone. Fortunately, it's not as complicated as it might seem. First of all, you don't need to be an electrician or even good with tools to install it on your bike. In fact, no tools are needed. The mount simply locks into place on 25-40mm diameter handlebars and the phone charging case easily locks into the mount.

Once it's in place, does it stay in place? Or, do you have to hold it while you ride to keep it from slipping? The answer will satisfy you: The StrideCharge mount stays in place on the handlebars, allowing you to focus on your ride without having to look down to make sure your phone is secure.

Cell phones aren't cheap, so you're probably concerned about the damage that can be done to yours if you run over a pothole, tree roots, or gravel. StrideCharge wants to give you the freedom to ride on any terrain without worrying about shocks to your iPhone, which is why it has incorporated ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) and TPU (thermoplastic polyurethanes) into its case and its support for iPhone Charge. Both materials are known for their strength and durability, and this, coupled with StrideCharge's extensive testing, means riders can get on their bike with confidence.

A charged iPhone, no matter how long your trip is. Check. A solid product that protects your phone from vibrations. Check. There's just one thing missing: the ability to use your phone while it's charging. Check. In one product, you have everything you need to ride your bike and use your phone at any time, without stopping.

Why is the StrideCharge iPhone case and charging stand so popular in the cycling community? On the one hand, it's obvious: people are happy to no longer have to look for a convenience store to charge their phone.

More profoundly, however, the reality is that we all need to reconnect with ourselves on a regular basis and put some mental or physical space between ourselves and our responsibilities. We can never truly escape them, of course, but we need time to refresh our minds and bodies. When our walks are interrupted, we feel wronged and we even resent, just a little, this wasted time.

This explains the popularity of the StrideCharge mount, and in particular why it is no longer just intended for cyclists. Mothers who walk their babies in strollers, golfers who spend hours on the course, and hikers who need to disappear for a day all use the Mount to stay connected with the outside world while getting that alone time they need .

It is a fact that we need “our time”. Now with StrideCharge's iPhone case and charging stand, we can have it.