Superman and Kryptonite: The different types of kryptonite

Superman et la kryptonite : Les différents types de kryptonite

Superman and Kryptonite. It seems like the green rock has been a pain in his side for a very long time. But did you know that there are different variations of this extraterrestrial material? Red, blue, black kryptonite… all of which have a very different effect on our hero.

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Throughout comic book history, many supervillains have tried to defeat the Man of Steel, but none of them have truly succeeded. Although Superman has withstood everything thrown at him and won, a specific glowing stone has come close to defeating the invincible Man of Tomorrow on a few occasions.

Kryptonite, an irradiated crystalline material from Superman's home planet of Krypton, has been a thorn in the Man of Steel's side since his first appearance on Earth, with various villains using the deadly material to try to defeat him.

While we're all familiar with this green stuff, did you know that there are even stranger versions of kryptonite? Each of these affects Superman, and even humans, in different ways.

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Green Kryptonite

Green kryptonite is deadly to all Kryptonians. Initial exposure does not kill Kryptonians, but weakens them and causes them severe pain. The green radioactive shards only affect Superman's strength and not his other abilities, such as heat vision. Prolonged exposure to this energy-draining substance can and will kill him. (Beginnings Superman #61)

Red Kryptonite

Red kryptonite can be considered even more dangerous than the green variety. It weakens the Kryptonians even more. Interestingly, red kryptonite can cause mood swings in Kryptonians and, even stranger, it is known to cause mutations. These so-called mutations vary and can include something as tiny as rapid hair growth or transforming into a dragon. (Started Adventure Comics #255)

Blue Kryptonite

Blue Kryptonite can cure Kryptonians of the effects caused by Red Kryptonite. If, however, you find yourself facing Bizarro, Superman's strange doppelganger, blue kryptonite can be used to defeat him as it has the same effect on Bizarro as green kryptonite does on ordinary Kryptonians. (Beginnings Superman #140)

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Black Kryptonite

When Superman is exposed to the black substance, he is split into two individuals, one good and one evil. Creating the best and worst version of the character. (Supergirl (vol. 5) #2)

Golden Kryptonite

Perhaps even more dangerous than green or red kryptonite, radioactive shards of Krypton gold can suppress a Kryptonian's ability to process the rays of a yellow sun. This means that Kryptonians exposed to golden kryptonite lose their superhuman abilities. (Adventure Comics #299)

Silver Kryptonite

An artificial form of kryptonite, silver causes the exposed Kryptonian to experience bizarre hallucinations. This version of kryptonite is known to affect a Kryptonian in the same way that cannabis affects us humans. (Superman's friend Jimmy Olsen. #70 (July 1963)

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Have you ever wondered what Superman feels when exposed to green kryptonite? Then you should get your hands on some anti-kryptonite. It is essentially harmless to Superman but affects humans similarly to green kryptonite. (Action Comics #252 (May 1959)

White Kryptonite

Not lethal to humans or Kryptonians, white kryptonite only affects plant life. More specifically, it kills any plant life it encounters. In fact, it's a bright white weed killer. (Adventure Comics #279 (Dec. 1960))

Periwinkle Kryptonite

When a Kryptonian is exposed to periwinkle, they lose all their inhibitions. It's not fatal to Kryptonians, but it makes them act like idiots. (Superman Family Adventures #9)

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Pink Kryptonite

Although it is never explicitly stated, it is strongly suggested that pink kryptonite makes a Kryptonian gay. (Supergirl (vol. 4) #79)


Looking like a '90s-inspired energy drink, Kryptonite-X was created when the Eradicator filtered a barrage of kryptonite discharged by the supervillain Cyborg Superman and eradicated Superman by supercharging him. (The Adventures of Superman #511)

Orange Kryptonite

Have you always wanted a pet with superpowers? So expose him to orange kryptonite. That's right, orange gives animals superpowers for 24 hours. (Krypto the super dog #4)

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Jewel Kryptonite

Created from the remains of Krypton's Jewel Mountains, this rock gives people stuck in the Phantom Zone limited mental abilities, allowing them to affect the universe outside of the Phantom Zone. (Action Comics #310)

These are just a few of the strange varieties of kryptonite that exist in the world of Superman.