The 7 Worst Game Bugs and Problems of All Time

game bugs and glitches

There's nothing worse than playing a new game and having fun when suddenly horrible bugs and glitches appear. No matter how much love and effort game developers put into making their games unforgettable. As soon as bugs disrupt gameplay, a good game becomes a bad game. Unfortunately, some video games have unforgivable glitches that you can't get past, and suddenly the entire game becomes defined by being horribly glitchy . Here are some of the worst video game glitches and bugs from the gaming world.

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1. Pokémon Bug

With a series that has been around as long as Pokemon, it's understandable that there are some of the worst bugs. One of the most famous problems in Pokémon games was the Missingno bug in Pokemon Red and Blue. This bug was easily encountered during gameplay.

When found, the Misingno would sometimes take the form of the ghost players found in Lavender Town, a fossilized Aerodactyl, a Kabutops, or a weird, pixelated mess shaped like an inverted L. Catching a Missingno corrupted your Hall of Fame data, and multiplied anything in the sixth item in your bag, whether Master Balls or any other item stored in your inventory. This bug could also corrupt your save file and cause you to lose hours of gameplay. That's it.

2. Legend of Zelda Glitch

Nintendo is not winning on this front. Still, at least the bugs have been relegated to video game history and don't seem to follow them into their modern games and onto the Nintendo Switch. Players of The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening had to deal with a terrible bug they called the Doghouse Glitch.

This one dates from 1993, but the game still seems popular. The Doghouse Glitch can occur at any point in the game, sometimes right after killing at least one monster. To meet him, enter Madam Meow-Meow's house from the side instead of the front door (this should be the house with the chained dog outside). There you will find a nightmarish dungeon, with disembodied NPCs and glitched-out monsters. The only way out is to lose all your saved data and reset your Game Boy or die.

3. Pool of Radiance: Ruins of Myth Drannor Bug

The 7 worst game bugs and glitches of all time.

This particular game is one of the glitchiest games out there. He had the power to break other games. An ingenious bug exists in the game's code that deletes several system files when the game is uninstalled. This game could even break your Windows files. An update containing a later patch fixed the problem, but the damage was done.

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4. Assassin’s Creed Unity Bugs

Assassin's Creed Unity bugs

Where to start ? Character models were not displaying correctly, leaving NPCs faceless, or they were randomly collapsing in on themselves. Additionally, a glitch with a jump left you hanging in the air or falling into a bottomless pit. Many people thought that Unity would be the last game in the Assassin's Creed line, but Ubisoft corrected itself.

5. Fallout: New Vegas Glitch

Fallout: New Vegas Glitch

We couldn't make a list of video game bugs without Bethesda appearing at least once. Bethesda is notorious for its bugs, some of which are simply left in the game in the hope that modders will eventually fix them. Like the Esbern bug in Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. The hooked-headed man bug is an issue that has plagued players from the very beginning of Fallout: New Vegas. It was so consistent that many players thought it was intentional.

Players began the game with their character facing Doc Mitchell, whose head began to spin without worrying about anything. It was contagious as some players reported other NPCs starting to do the same.

6. Final Fantasy VI bug

game bugs and glitches

Besides the technical limitations of this old game, it had some performance issues. A famous bug was the Sketch bug, caused by Relm's Sketch ability, which made a copy of an enemy. Suppose she missed her mark or tried to sketch something she couldn't. In this case, the game could crash, have graphical glitches, and make copies of random items in your inventory, causing the game to crash. Additionally, all of your save files could be randomly deleted.

How these games were able to damage your memory card and break games in the first place is a mystery, but they managed it nonetheless. Games with a lot of issues will always be a problem, and unfortunately it's the main game that usually suffers. Fortunately, many of these bugs already existed in the games' early days. Today, game developers have found ways to solve these problems and allow their players to continue having fun.

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What's the worst video game bug or glitch you've ever encountered?