The Advantages of Offering Promo Codes to Expand Your Customer Base

It’s an undeniable fact, we live in an era of discount prices and bargains. Either you're in the market or you're left out. And to stay in the race, companies have discovered a simple but effective way to attract new customers: offering promotional codes.

The marketing boost

You have to be aware that competition is around every corner, or rather at every click. Offering discounts in the form of promo codes is a powerful marketing tool, which not only differentiates itself from the competition, but also stimulates purchases and loyalty to the brand. A strategy that is all the more effective as it responds to a clear expectation of consumers who, in a tense economic context, are increasingly on the lookout for good deals.

A site like, Created in 2016, it specializes in this approach. This coupon site responds to a growing demand from Internet users looking for savings. It offers discount codes that can be used on major online sites, making e-shopping more accessible for everyone. A boon for partner companies who see their visibility boosted and their customer base expand.

The concrete case of DisonsDemain

To go further and illustrate our points, let’s take the example of the online dating site Disons Demain. Specializing in meetings for people over 50, the company must constantly innovate to stand out in a very competitive market.

By offering promotional codes on a platform such as bravopromo, Disons Demain responds to a dual problem: expanding its customer base while offering a more affordable service. Result: a notable increase in subscriptions and a more varied audience. So, even in the world of online dating, the promo code has its place!

So, if you go to the page dedicated to the offer “ promo let's say tomorrow“, we find not only a discount code to subscribe at a lower cost, but also testimonials from satisfied users. The visibility of the company is then amplified, with a direct impact on the number of new customers.

Know how to multiply marketing channels to perform

It is clear that in the digital world in which we operate today, promo codes are proving to be a powerful marketing lever allowing companies to increase their sales, improve their brand image and expand their customer base. clients. For their part, customers also benefit: they benefit from quality products and services at reduced prices. It is also undeniable that this is a powerful trigger capable of boosting your conversion rate.

This win-win strategy, which is attracting more and more companies, offers a large number of advantages in many sectors of activity. Proof by example with promo let's say tomorrow !

If you haven't already, it may be time to take the plunge and integrate promo codes into your marketing strategy. Your customers will thank you for it, as will your turnover!