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Lego Harry Potter is a big deal, and it's not really surprising. JK Rowling's book series holds a special place in the hearts of everyone who grew up in the 90s and early 2000s, and continues to be embraced by new generations of fans every year.The first Lego sets Harry Potter appeared in 2001, to coincide with the release of the first film, Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone. More box sets were released alongside each subsequent film, and then more came in 2010-2011. Things quieted down for a while after that, but since 2018, Lego Harry Potter has come back with a vengeance, with a series of excellent sets that markedly improve on their predecessors in terms of complexity, design and imagination. Lego has has made giant strides in recent years, as evidenced by our selection of the best Lego sets for adults. And Lego Harry Potter is no exception. In this article, we round up what we consider to be the best Lego Harry Potter sets of the modern era. We'll tell you exactly what's good about each one, as well as some of their flaws, to help you make an informed decision. Whether you're buying for yourself, your kids, or the Hogwarts fanatic in your life, read on to discover the best Lego Harry Potter sets available today.

If you're a true Lego Harry Potter fan, and time and money are no object, then there's no real question about it: you're going to want the Lego Harry Potter castle. We say “time” because it will take you a long time to build this complex set, with over 6,000 pieces. And we say “silver” because, well, it's definitely not cheap. But if you are willing to invest both, then you will get a lot in return. Because this brilliant set, which measures approximately 60 x 75 cm when built, really does contain many classic Harry Potter moments in its multiple rooms and passages. It would take too long to list all the locations and scenes represented in this Lego castle Harry Potter, but suffice to say the Great Hall is beautifully done, with beautifully designed stained glass windows, lit torches and seating to accommodate a whole host of students and staff. Elsewhere, you'll find the Chamber of Secrets, Moaning Myrtle's Bathroom, Dumbledore's Office, Umbrage's Office, the Transfiguration Classroom, and more.

Given the enormous number of scenes depicted, many of these pieces are quite tiny, and so rather than minifigures (there are only four), the setting is centered around 27 microfigures, which are small enough to pose in several places. They are well designed and mostly recognizable, but of course, they are not as detailed, nor as satisfying, as the minifigures.

Almost everywhere here, Lego has used space in brilliant ways, from the devil's snare behind a rock to the moving stairs, which are actually rotating. And that's not all: outside the building there is also a weeping willow and Hagrid's hut to add to the value.

Please note, however, that this model does not reproduce the entirety of Hogwarts as seen in the film; this is just the front part of it. Lego's aim has been to echo the large scenes rather than give an accurate architectural representation of the castle as it appears on screen. Also note that there is a lot of reliance on stickers to add the more important details, such as the village hall door, and these can be applied quite delicately.

But beyond these little details, this Lego Harry Potter set will give you endless fun, both in terms of the initial construction and the inevitable series of modifications you will want to make once you're finished.

02. LEGO Harry Potter – Hogwarts Express

Age: 8+ | Number of pieces: 801 | Weight: 1.32kg | Minifigures: 5 (+ Dementor and Scabbers figures) | Model number: 75955

The Hogwarts Express, which ends at the beginning and end of each school year, is one of the most iconic elements of the Harry Potter films. And so we're delighted that the latest Lego Harry Potter depicting him is really, really good. The train itself is much more accurate than its predecessors, with much more representative wheels and a nice selection of interior details, including the chimney , dials and valves. The car is also very good; we love that you can remove the sides and roof, making it very easy to position your miniatures inside. And the design of the platform is the crowning glory of it all. It is neatly divided into two parts, one for attackers and one for magicians, with a swinging door that allows you to move your characters from platform 9 to platform 9¾.

Be aware, however, that the headlights don't really light up, as shown on the box (naughty, Lego!). And although the train fits perfectly on any Lego track, there is no actual track provided with this set. Otherwise, this is a brilliantly designed Lego Harry Potter set, which ticks all the boxes and offers excellent value for money.

03. LEGO Harry Potter – The Quidditch Match


Many Lego Harry Potter sets are more about “display” than “play”, but this excellent Quidditch scores on both counts. Indeed, the player characters can draw quidditch pieces, and the goalkeeper (who “flies” on a sort of stilt) can be manipulated to protect him from the three goalmouths. The game also includes four rounds which respectively represent Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Slytherin and Hufflepuff, with room for one of the top six figures. Hufflepuff's tower also serves as a scoreboard.

And that, along with a few accessories such as a very pretty Golden Snitch, is basically your lot. So you won't get a full stadium, or even a second goal piece, but considering the very affordable price, it's a compromise we think is worth making.

04. LEGO Harry Potter – Hagrid's Hut: Buckbeak's Rescue

Age: 8+ | Number of pieces: 496 | Weight: 721g | Minifigures included: 6 | Model number: 75947

You might think that the rougher, more difficult aspects of the Harry Potter world don't mesh so well with the clean, polished, precise nature of Lego… but this fantasy setting will change your mind a lot. ‘notice. Through thoughtful design and careful color choice, Lego has brought a real sense of earthiness and rusticity to this depiction of Hagrid's hut, in the Prisoner of Azkaban scene where Buckbeak is to be executed. This decor also makes great use of space. The two sections of the hut, which open at the back, are filled with fascinating objects that are easy to move and remove. And the highlight of the interior is the fireplace containing a dragon egg, a battery-powered light brick that brings fire to life very effectively.

Outside the huts you'll also find two pumpkin sections, a pole and lanyard for Buckbeak, and the Hippogriff himself, with a head and neck that can be rotated, wings that can move up and down at the bottom, and nails on its back for placing miniatures. Overall, this set may be a little pricey considering its relatively small size, but it's beautifully put together and truly represents more than the sum of its parts.

05. LEGO Harry Potter – The Resurrection of Voldemort

Age: 7+ | Number of pieces: 184 | Weight: 277g | Minifigures: 4 | Model number: 75965

The rise of Voldemort in the Goblet of Fire is one of the most memorable scenes in the Harry Potter saga. So it’s great that this very affordable decor represents it so well. Given the price, it's not surprising that it's quite basic: no buildings as such, and a fairly limited number of rooms. But there are some nice touches, including a Grim Reaper that can be posed to grab Harry in his clutches, a cool mini version of the TriWizard Cup, and a baby and adult version of the evil leader. A very cool action feature lets you to raise Voldemort from the dead by pulling a lever. And above all, unlike other Lego Harry Potter sets, the box design does not mislead you by suggesting features that do not exist: in this case, what you see is really what you get. Overall, this is a great budget buy for anyone wanting to recreate one of Harry's darkest hours.

06. LEGO Harry Potter – Beauxbatons' Carriage: Arrival at Hogwarts

Age: 8+ | Number of pieces: 184 | Weight: 430g | Minifigures: 4 | Model number: 75958

If the dreariness of Voldemort's graveyard scene isn't your thing, perhaps you'd prefer to recreate one of the franchise's most uplifting and magical sequences? This beautifully designed setting is reminiscent of the scene from Goblet of Fire where a flying chariot from the Beauxbatons Academy of Magic arrives at Hogwarts. And everything is beautiful, from the ornate carriage, dotted with attractive little details, to the enchanted horses with their posable wings. The whole thing is also very well designed, especially the carriage which opens at the top to offer what is essentially a second floor, with beds and furniture. Our favorite piece, however, is the very dapper version of Hagrid, dressed in his prom costume and ready to conquer Madame Maxime.

On the negative side, it's a little weird that one of the car doors doesn't open, the front harness piece looks a little unfinished, and it could be considered a little expensive considering the number of parts. But overall, it's a delightful package that pays brilliant homage to one of the series' lightest and most uplifting moments.

07. LEGO Harry Potter – The Magicobus Harry Potter

Age: 7+ | Number of pieces: 257 | Weight: 485g | Minifigures included: 3 (plus shrunken head & Hedwig) | Model number: 294868

There aren't many particularly memorable vehicles from the Harry Potter series, but the mad knight's bus from Prisoner of Azkaban is quite the exception. And this Lego set does a great job of bringing this surreal three-story contraption and the characters associated with it to life (see our full Lego Knight Bus review). At 12 x 15cm, it's not quite as big than one would expect from a surprisingly high price. But it's cleverly designed to fit many things, from the reduced head and chandelier, which swing when you slide the bus, to the swivel chair and bed, both of which fit miniatures. It's also worth noting that the side of the bus is detachable, making it easier to access, and you can remove the top layer of the bus.

This design is by no means perfect: the driver can stand to the side of the bus but cannot pass through the bus door itself. And overall, this set is pretty damn expensive for what it is. But as a Lego recreation of one of Harry Potter's craziest scenes, it does a pretty good job.

08. LEGO Harry Potter – Expecto Patronum

Age: 8+ | Number of pieces: 430 | Weight: 200g | Minifigures: 4 | Model number: 75958

We're going to be honest here: the scene in Prisoner of Azkaban where Harry summons his Patronus is a scene that hits us to the heart. So we were instantly drawn to this setting, and what we love the most is the Patronus piece itself. A translucent light blue (which doesn't look at all like LEGO) and speckled with glitter, it really stands out and effectively conveys the magical nature of the apparition and the moment itself. It contrasts well with the point of view (again once, very different from that of Lego) strange and scary on the trees, which brings a vivid sense of darkness and despair into the scene. And so, although the piece on the shore is, in our opinion, a little too small, we think Lego should be applauded for trying something different that actually works here. And overall, given the low price, we think this decor offers superb value.

09. LEGO Harry Potter – Harry Potter Advent Calendar

Age: 7+ | Number of pieces: 305 | Weight: 399g | Minifigures: 7 | Model number: 75964

This Lego Harry Potter Advent Calendar contains 24 free mini bags, containing Lego pieces that you can use to assemble Christmas scenes. To start, there are plenty of accessories, including seats, a Christmas tree, culinary items, food, a snowman, a fireplace and gifts. There are also mini-figures, a statue pedestal, a Hedwig figure, and a Hogwarts Express micro train. Some of the pieces are very small and difficult to put together, which can be considered a bug or an element, depending on your taste for challenge. Meanwhile, some collectors might want this set just for the exclusive items (as of this writing), like Hermione in her winter outfit and Harry's acceptance letter to Hogwarts. There's even an exclusive character in the form of a golden figure of the architect of Hogwarts.

Or maybe you just want something to open every day over the Christmas period that isn't a disappointing little square of chocolate. Whatever your reasoning, this is a cool and inexpensive purchase for Lego Harry Potter fans.

10. LEGO Harry Potter – LEGO Fantastic Beasts Set of 22 Miniature Figures Series 71022

Age: 6+ | Number of pieces: 8 | Weight: 259 | Minifigures: 22 | Model number: 71022

This set delivers exactly what it promises: 16 miniatures from the Harry Potter series and six from the Fantastic Beasts series. Each is presented in a sealed “mystery” bag, with one or more accessory elements, as well as a collector's leaflet and a unique presentation base. Unfortunately, this results in a lot of unnecessary packaging, which doesn't quite fit with Lego's overall direction on environmental responsibility. The Lego Harry Potter miniatures are all very pretty, however, and our favorite item is Harry's invisibility cloak, which has an iridescent treatment that really glows, both literally and metaphorically. But be careful: the setting as a whole is very expensive, and your opinion of the Fantastic Beasts series will likely have a big impact on whether you think it's worth it.