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Since the Paw Patrol television series premiered in 2013, the animated film has garnered a huge fan base. Since then, fans have been following each annual release, making it a favorite movie for kids and parents alike. This brought out the essence of Paw Patrol Toys for parents who would like their children to relive the animated series. The Paw Patrol toy set includes the Paw Patrol toy, patrol figures, runners and much more. With endless options, it may not be easy to find the best patrol toy for your child. That's why we've summarized 30 of the best patrol toys available on the market below.

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Vehicle + Marcus Ultimate Rescue Figure – Paw Patrol

For a complete firefighting experience, the truck is equipped with a ladder up to 2 feet with two stands that keep the truck stable. The locking cabin allows the ladder to be rotated to help the Marshall find those who need to be saved. The Paw Patrol Ultimate Rescue Fire Truck is equipped with four water cannons, three of which can be launched from the locking cabin. The fourth can be launched from the rear. The fire hose can be transported on its mini fire trolley for easy portability. The toy can accommodate 6 puppies and features exciting lights and sounds that give kids a real sense of emergency.

Why we like it : Help your child step into the shoes of a firefighter, as they embark on a rescue mission to save Adventure Bay from possible fire accidents with the Paw Patrol Ultimate Rescue fire truck . The fire truck is one of the most popular patrol toys with exciting realistic features.

Paw Patrol – Stella and Her Helicopter

From this set, Skye embarks on her ultimate rescue mission using the helicopter with working wheels, extendable rescue hook and spinning propeller. The helicopter has enough space for two little ones, which can be loaded through the loading door. Through the cabin window, pups can watch the various exciting adventures Skye has in store for them in the mission area.Why we love it : Paw Patrol Skye's Ultimate Rescue Helicopter is a good game for girls and boys who have the ambition to become pilots later. The game includes several parts that resemble a real helicopter and can be used in all rescue missions. Combined with other Paw Patrol designs, your child is ready for an exciting adventure, just like in the animated series.

Paw Patrol Sea Patrol – La Paw Patrol

Your child can pull Ryder out of sticky situations or throw him to perform rescue operations on the ATV, thanks to the cage attached to him. Flashing lights and sound make patrol vehicles more realistic. The all-terrain vehicle can be placed at the rear of the patrol boat. You can also use the helipad for all air rescue missions. The toy can accommodate up to two vehicles and all the puppy figures.Why we like it : The Nickelodeon Sea Patroller is probably Paw's ultimate patrol vehicle designed for rescue missions at sea and on land. With a little push, the toy's wheels lower to prepare the patrol boat for running on land. The game comes with a Ryder mini figure, two rescuers, a cage, a detachable anchor, an octopus mini figure and an all-terrain vehicle.

Paw Patrol Cap

Kids' hats are made from durable twill cotton with colorful character images, an interior sweatband that keeps out sweat, a Velcro closure for easy adjustment, and a curved brim. They are available in different sizes, but for children ages 2 to 5. For patrol enthusiasts, wearing these unique caps will prepare them for fun daily activities. They can be matched with Paw and Patrol hoodies or other games for a playful look.

Why we love it : The Paw Patrol baseball cap for preschoolers and toddlers presents another way for Paw Patrol fans to embrace their favorite movie. The set is made up of two rooms with heroic Paw Patrol characters from the Nickelodeon television series. The first baseball cap is blue with a chase design and the second is red and blue with the characters of Marshall, Rubble and Chase.

PAW Patrol 6038328 Air patrol mission


The toy can easily transform into a helicopter by simply adjusting its propellers. Children can transform it. In addition to its stunning design, the Paw Patrol Mission Air Patroller comes with a plethora of accessories that increase its value. For example, by pressing just one button, kids can activate the helicopter sounds and the real jet. The lights and accompanying rescue dog also add to the realism of the simulated missions this toy can carry out.Why we love it : If you are tired of buying fragile toys that break easily, opt for the Paw Patrol Mission air patrol boat. Although slightly more expensive than traditional Paw toys, the set delivers memorable results and lasts a long time. The versatile helicopter is made of plastic with a child-safe design.

VTech – 190405 – Paw Patrol – Marcus fang ‘letters – FR version

The Robotic Marshall can help your children, ages 2 to 5, learn different colors, sounds, letters and more. Kids can switch between four learning modes, which include multi-level questions and fun learning activities. The four learning activities include letter mode, search and rescue mode, music mode and word mode. For letter plus, Marshall learns letters, colors and phonics when fed. In word mode, Marshall learns words and begins letters when powered. The puppy plays up to 26 melodies in music mode and search and rescue mode requires kids to answer Marshall's questions with the correct answers.

Why we like it : Patrol toys are not only intended to spark play and fun, but also to be a good source of learning experiences. The VTech Paw Patrol Treat Time Marshall features a motorized version of Marshall that delivers near-real-life experiences that all Paw Patrol fans can't wait to experience.

VTech- Paw Patrol Super Pilot Educational Paw Patrol Educational, 80-190205 – FR Version

It's certain that no Paw Patrol rescue mission is complete without the help of Ryder's ATV. Thanks to it, your child can transform into a snowmobile or hovercraft for endless exciting games. Players can turn the handlebars to steer the pup to save Mr. Porter's van and other patrol toys. Kids can take the VTech Paw Patrol Pups Rescue Driver toy for a ride, use the turn signals, honk the horn to learn numbers, road safety and colors and use the rearview mirror during play. The player can also press the puppies' buttons for fun while Ryder introduces his friends by giving information about each of them.

Why we like it : If your child isn't quite ready for adult experiences, toys like the VTech Paw Patrol Pups to The Rescue Driver make such activities safe. The handlebars, horn and turn signals simulate the real Ryder ATV. The interactive sounds and lights are too engaging, allowing them to play while remaining focused for hours.

Paw Patrol – Paw Patrol 2 in 1 Playset True Metal – La Paw Patrol

The battery truck in the set is no ordinary truck. It features a large, versatile design that can accommodate up to three small play vehicles. Kids can open the sides to view its contents or use it as a command center for rescue missions while playing. Toys Paw Patrol are not only good for playing, but also for learning. The Paw Patrol transport and rescue vehicle is good because it teaches children to learn the responsibilities that come with different jobs. The transport vehicle in firefighter design, for example, is good for play but also makes the child aware of fires and rescue missions.

Why we love it : If your child likes rescue and transport games, the Paw Patrol rescue and transport vehicle should be your toy of choice. This is a quality toy set that provides your little one with endless hours of fun. Like most Paw Patrol games, they are suitable for children aged 3 to 5 years old.

Paw Patrol – 6039660 – Mission Tablet – La Paw Patrol

The baby seal could be stuck, or Cap'tain Turbot's vehicle is trapped. Whatever the situation, the puppies of this patrol must complete the rescue mission. Players can tilt the screen to enjoy the six adventures and stories set up for children. Buttons on the side panel allow you to hear different puppy sounds. Each button brings a new dimension to this adventure story from the animated mission maps. The set is also compact and easy to use and kids can take them anywhere for endless hours of adventure.

Why we love it : Nickelodeon Paw Petrol's Sea Patrol is a great way to involve your child in underwater rescue missions. The set comes with six animated mission cards which are very handy during the mission. Each puppy pad has six lenticular mission cards and players can drag them behind the screen to find out where the trouble is in Adventure Bay.

Paw Patrol – 6040054 – Paw Patrol Sea Patrol Submarine – La Paw Patrol

The setting is accompanied by two avatars who perhaps add to the exciting rescue mission. The rescue helicopter can raise wings, periscope and has active lights and sounds that can be turned on with the press of a button. The Paw Patrol secondary patrol vehicle has two rescue rings that can be easily launched into pulling on the periscope. These rings are very practical for saving sea creatures. A Ryder figure can be placed in the cabin by simply lifting the cabin door. For on-water missions, the helicopter has a secret hatch at the bottom of the cabin through which the Ryder can slide into the water with a propeller to carry out rescue missions.

Why we love it : The Underwater Patrol Vessel Transformation Vehicle is another patrol craft that can transform into a dual-use vehicle, just like the Maritime Patrol Vessel. This makes it a good choice for air or water rescue missions. It doesn't cost much, so a good option if you want a kids' toy on a budget.

Carrera First Paw Patrol – On the Track – Carrera Circuit for Toddlers – Electric Race Track

The exciting game features 14 pieces shaped to form a curved figure-eight track on which Marshall makes exciting turns while running. Marshall picks up even more speed hitting the elevated sections of the track. A motorized vehicle accompanies the Marshall figure. Kids have to press buttons on the back for the motor, sounds and light. The Marshall Rescue Patrol Track Set can be combined with other games for exciting play. With this suit, kids can recreate the world of Adventure Bay Town Patrol using their imagination.

Why we like it : There's no better way to speed toward the burning building than on the eight-lane Paw Patrol Roll Patrol Marshall City Rescue Track with overpass. In this thrilling play, Marshall is ready to embark on a ruff rescue using his motorized fire truck with real lights and sounds. Let your child join this exciting high-speed game to put out the heavy fire in the adventure bay.

Paw Patrol Coloring Table And 5 Meters Of Coloring Drawing

Each page of the Paw Patrol On a Roll Art Desk contains scenes from the Paw Patrol show that can be colored with one of the 6 colored pencils included in the package. The playset is suitable for children over 3 years old and does not require batteries. Why we like it: If your child likes interactive art games, the Paw Patrol On a Roll art desk should be a good one game choice for him. With the toy, your child can color any of their favorite Paw Patrol characters. The music stand comes with 25 feet of easy-to-install coloring paper.

Paw Patrol 6032668 Terrain Vehicle Rescue Kit

Like other exciting Paw Patrol characters, this game comes with real lights and sounds. All the child has to do is press a button on the patrol to activate them. Players can then use the vehicle's crane to pull baby panther to safety. For integration play, the Paw Patrol land vehicle game can be played with other Paw Patrol jungle rescue characters. You will need to purchase the add-on game separately, however.

Why we like it : Take your child into adventurous terrain with the Paw Patrol Paw terrain vehicle. Prepare your child to journey through the jungle with Ryder and his friend Matteo in search of a thrilling, action-packed adventure.

Playset Headquarters – Paw Patrol

The tower has a working elevator that pups can use to go up the tower. It is thus easy to go up to the top floor where the periscope is located. The periscope is functional, and kids can do a simulated 360-degree search of the Adventure Bay for threats. The giant Paw Patrol badge activates the alarm with real sounds and lights from the TV show. Kids can jump into action with the twisting escape slide that leads directly to the Paw Patrol vehicles. Why we love it: The Paw Patrol Look Out Playset brings PAW Patrol headquarters home. Like in the TV series, Ryder summons the Paw Patrol to his lookout headquarters to inquire about his mission. So kids can organize the entire crew into the tower before racing off on rescue missions.

Paw Patrol – La Paw Patrol – Mission Cruiser Truck – 6035961

To launch the puppies, players simply need to push the side doors of the cruiser. The button triggers a pop-up screen through which animated mission maps can be viewed. The map displays an exclusive mission for each player that the Paw Patrol pups must complete. Rescue Dogs and Paw Patrol Pups are inspired by real-life experiences. This makes the game both fun and educational.Why we like it : Are there problems in Barkingburg? Well, PAW Patrol mission team Ryder and his pups now have a new team vehicle for rescue missions with the robot dog and the PAW Patrol Mission Cruiser vehicle. The set includes a robot dog and a mini vehicle. Load up the puppies and mini vehicles – which are sold separately – and head out to the rescue. The cruiser can accommodate a maximum of 3 rescue racing vehicles.

Paw Patrol – 6027637 Vehicle Base Leg – Zuma, Hovercraft

The hoverboard is sleek and big enough for play. It's also lightweight, with fans and wheels that spin on smooth floors. The PAW Patrol Zuma hovercraft set is a versatile toy and can be combined with other PAW Patrol toys including Rocky, Marshall and Skye for exciting play. Creative kids can also ride Ryder for thrilling adventures and high-risk rescue missions.Why we love it : Power Patrol's current toys have definitely aroused great admiration from the public. However, there are a plethora of great Paw Patrol characters that kids are sure to love. The Paw Patrol Zuma hovercraft is one of the few little-known toys. Each game includes a Zuma and a hovercraft tasked with making immediate rescues.

Paw Patrol Water Table

Kids can help Ryder and his friends in the rescue mission by sending other puppy friends down the water slide for a fun rescue. Once outdoor play is over, parents can fill the Paw Petrol Water Table Accessory Set with beans and rice for continued indoor play. The set comes with three favorite Paw Patrol characters.Why we like it : Get the Paw Petrol water table accessory set and watch your little ones wag their tails for hours of unlimited fun with this water table with Paw Patrol figures. The game involves children who help Ryder find his friends who are outside swimming in the watchtower's periscope.

VTech – Paw Patrol – My educational game book – Talking and Musical Children's Book

In addition to having fun, your child learns through the different story books. Each issue of the storybook has a story. Players must press the number corresponding to the book on Marshall's vest and follow the story. The toy also features a light-up badge that answers questions or repeats favorite catchphrases. For interactive learning and play, encourage children to press the magnifying glass on their paw so Marshall can ask the children's questions. books. This strengthens reading comprehension.

Why we love it : VTech Paw Patrol's Marshall “Read To Me Adventure” game requires kids to join Marshall as he entertains audiences with several tales of action, teamwork and friendship. Marshall literally introduces reading comprehension, role play and development to children through interactive songs, fun phrases and books. The set includes four illustrated books and Marshall.

PAW Patrol – Everset Patrol Vehicle Snowmobile Rescue with Figure

The Everest rides the plow through the snow without issue, thanks to the vehicle's real working wires that allow it to go where it needs to go. Your child can make a big snow plow coupled with the rest of the PAW Patrol by collecting all the PAW Patrol vehicles. This toy set is perfect for children ages 3 and up and does not require batteries to operate.Why we love it : The Everest Patrol Rescue Snowmobile is a good toy choice for children stationed in cold climates who are looking for a model that can fit into everyday life. This toy figure details Everest's signature headband and dresses in a light blue PAW Patrol uniform. Everest fits snugly into the snowmobile's truck and uses its claws in front of the vehicle to move debris or snow for rescue purposes.

Paw Patrol Garbage Truck – Light and Sound Vehicle

Rocky is ready for any rescue mission, armed with a mobile rescue crane with a rear lip ramp. There is enough room in the Recycling Truck for an extra puppy in case teamwork is required, but will need to be purchased independently. The Rescue Truck comes with realistic working features. The wheels are not only functional, but also equipped with several movable devices that allow any rescue operation to be carried out with ease. With this type of pretend play, your children can work on their developmental skills while learning about the world around them. This encourages children to venture out on their own action-packed adventures with the Paw Patrol Pups.

Why we like it : The mission to save the planet from garbage with the PAW Patrol Rocky recycling truck may not be as exciting as other PAW Patrol missions, but it is definitely worth it. This set features a distinctive green truck with Rocky in PAW Patrol uniform leading the clean-up mission for a better planet.

Paw Patrol – Rubble's Steamroller


The toy comes with a unique rubble figure, dressed in a yellow construction vest and hat with protective headphones. Since he is armed, Rubble is ready to make any repairs. Obviously, it is not just a toy, but also a learning experience for your growing children. They learn different outdoor tasks and the equipment needed for role play.Why we love it : The Paw Patrol Steamroller Construction Vehicle gives Paw Patrol fans a new way to smooth out challenges in Adventure Bay with ease. The toy comes complete with a rotating wrecking ball and moving roller. This game is ideal for little Paw Patrol building fans.

V Tech – Paw Patrol – Chase's interactive megaphone

Children then have to choose one of the different modes, namely occupation mode, music mode or mission mode, and speak through the megaphone to achieve voice changing effects. The toy produces popular catchphrases about adventure. For voice changing fun, click the dial to choose from five voice effects: high voice, low voice, echo, robot and megaphone. The VTech Paw Patrol Megaphone Voice Changer also has a flashlight that lights up megaphone sound effects. So, in case of any problem, players choose the right puppy corresponding to the task, choose the mode and are ready to execute the rescue mission.

Why we like it : the VTech Paw Patrol Megaphone Voice Changer allows you to go on a rescue mission with Chase who speaks with this megaphone or who sings to varied melodies with up to five changing voice styles. The player begins by selecting the right puppy for the task at hand between Marshall, Rubble, Skye or Chase.

Set of 6x Paw Patrol Characters

Each pack contains six individually wrapped Paw figures, namely Zuma, Skye, Rocky, Chase, Marshall and Rubble. Your children will find it easier to carry and play with them due to their miniature size. Storing them won't be a problem either and they can easily go on a trip. The Spin Master Paw Patrol figurine game is ideal for children aged 3 and over. They are perfect for games and learning experiences. Your child will learn teamwork, social skills and imaginative play. The toys feature a superb finish with BPA-free materials that are safe for children.

Why we love it : The Spin Master Paw Patrol Figure is a charming group of six rescue dogs who have garnered fame since their inception. The group is tenacious and autonomous, which allows children to face small difficulties as well as the most difficult ones within the Paw Patrol community.

Paw Patrol – Pup Pals – Stella – Small Paw Patrol Plush

Like the show, the character Skye has a bright-eyed personality that complements her fluffy ears, sand-colored fur, and pointy nose. Despite her familiar appearance, she cannot be left behind as she arrives dressed in her full patrol uniform. Children can play the toy as a single piece or in combination with other Paw Patrol characters.Why we love it : adorable is probably the best word that can describe this plush toy. Skye is done at her best with detailed features and expressive eyes that are sure to make any child, especially girls, believe that this is the real Paw Patrol character making random visits. Unlike other Paw Patrol toys, there's nothing fancy about the Skye pooch. Sometimes that's all your child needs for limitless creativity and imaginative play.

Paw Patrol Racers 3-Pack Vehicle Set, Rubble/Rocky/Skye by Spin Master

Each of the characters in the setting demonstrates wild imagination during play. Marshall and his fire truck, for example, are a great sign of bravery and heroism when he undertakes rescue missions. Players can also gather other players from the Paw Patrol series, including Skye, Chase and Ryder, for a combo game. All vehicles increase realism with fully moving parts.Why we like it : When it's time to race for rescue missions, one vehicle is not enough. The Paw Patrol Racers Three Vehicle Pack, as the name suggests, is a set of three vehicles that triple the fun factor. The vehicles are characteristic of each PAW Patrol member, with Marshall and his fire truck, Zuma and his bulldozer, and Rocky and his intriguing recycling truck.

Paw Patrol – 6059512 – Vehicle + Figure Chase Dino Rescue – Paw Patrol Figure

The truck features a stable and stylish design, made from child-friendly plastic that lasts a long time. The cruiser can also accommodate up to six Patrol Series Pups. Some of the PAW Patrol Chase cruiser, vehicle and figure models require batteries to function properly. They are quite expensive and dangerous, especially when the batteries start leaking.Why we like it : Keep your child busy venturing into various adventures with engaging play and fun with PAW Patrol Chase's cruiser, vehicle and spy figure. It's the set of three toys that makes the difference. For imaginative play, for example, your child can use the blue truck for transportation role play, transporting the adorable little ones.

Where to buy Paw Patrol games for Christmas?

THE Christmas toys like Paw Patrol and like other licensed products popular with children, are generally available in multiple ways for your Christmas shopping.

So you can find them in the traditional way in physical stores. From the hypermarket type large distribution establishment, to the smallest neighborhood area, a more or less vast toy department will be present.

In the same way, stores specializing in toys will display all existing collections. It may even happen that toy models released in previous years are still available on the shelves.

But today, as with most purchases that you will be able to make, and toys are no exception to the rule, it is online that things will be played out. Indeed, from your sofa, you will be able to access all of the products derived from Paw Patrol in particular, on different sites and e-commerce platforms. Like what you will be able to observe by going to the stores near you, the websites of all the brands and distribution groups will be accessible. You will discover online the pages to which the classic toy catalogs in paper format that you find in stores or in your mailbox refer, almost systematically.

But you will also find on your browser, marketplaces and specialist internet sellers, whose platforms will allow you to do advanced searches.

In any case, the most suitable gift will be easily identifiable thanks to dozens of search filters: from the age of the child, through their tastes, the type of toy and even the color, everything should guide you towards the most efficient purchase. On the other hand, it is a question of doing it in time to be sure of receiving your order on time.