The PlayStation Portal is amazing, except for this…

Le portail PlayStation est extraordinaire, à l'exception de ce...

The famous “Project Q” that PlayStation fans have been waiting for since last May finally has a real name, PlayStation Portal, and even a price. However, some of the problems people expected still need to be resolved. This could cause some inconvenience. Are you confused? Let's quickly recap.

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During the PlayStation Showcase, Sony announced a handheld device called Project Q. However, it was recently revealed to be PlayStation Portal. PlayStation Portal is a remote gaming device or remote gaming accessory, which means there is no local processing because it is not a console. This is a receiver, a monitor with a modified DualSense controller cut in half on each side.

A portable device of this nature has obvious advantages and unexpected disadvantages. @mkbhd posted a great video on Instagram explaining the pros and cons of the new device, explaining that it's a portable gaming device, that the 8-inch screen is fantastic for a portable device, and that the controllers have all the haptic feedback that standard controllers have. Finally, it comes at an affordable price of $199.

The main issues with this new wearable device are its functionality and the limitations it imposes due to its design. As it is only a receiver, the player must already own a PS5 or obtain one to use this accessory. The PS5 must be turned on and connected to the internet to work.

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While it seems fantastic to be able to enjoy PS5 games wherever you are, “the more I look into it, the worse it gets,” according to @mkbhd. It didn't take long to discover that while the device is just a receiver and has no processing capabilities, it also has no Bluetooth capability.

According to Sony, the only way to use wireless headphones is with a “PlayStation Link-enabled device,” like the $200 PlayStation Pulse Explore headphones that launched alongside PlayStation Portal.

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Other fans pointed out that the device has an audio jack that you can plug your headphones into. So they think the audio issue is relatively minor, given that there are other ways to use the device. Regardless, the new PlayStation Portal looks fantastic, but it does have a few kinks that will need to be worked out or put up with.

Are you having a problem with the lack of Bluetooth on PlayStation Portal?