The Power Rangers say goodbye to the Red Ranger.

Les Power Rangers disent au revoir au Red Ranger.

This is truly a sad moment for Power Rangers fans who have followed Jason Lee Scoot, the Red Ranger, and his journey since his first appearance in the 90s. Arguably one of the best Power Rangers we've had, Jason has bravely navigated his career. Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end, and this is how it happened in this epic way.

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The Red Ranger

Jason Lee Scott, the Red Ranger, has been a part of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers since the 90s series that introduced him in the very first episode. He was a student at Angel Grove High School, like many of the Rangers who followed him. He was asked by the being named Zordon to accept the responsibility and duty of becoming a Power Ranger, an elite force charged with protecting the universe. This happened after Zordon sensed the awakening of the powerful villainess Rita Repulsa.

By accepting the connection to the Morphin Grid, which is the source of all Rangers' power, he was given the ability to become a cosmic superhero and spent decades protecting everyone he loved. Unfortunately, everything comes with a downside, as most heroes must hide their true identities to protect those they love, and their personal lives suffer at the cost of protecting everyone.

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Jason's retirement

In Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #100 (by Ryan Parrott, Moisés Hidalgo, and Marco Renna), Jason, along with other Rangers like Jack Taylor and Trini Kwan, was possessed by the evil entity known as the Dark Ranger, or Death Ranger. As the primary host of the Death Ranger, his connection to the Morphin Grid was used to raise an army of the dead on a distant planet to conquer the universe.

To protect the universe, Jason, along with all the uninfected Rangers, had to work together to stop the Dark Ranger. Ultimately, the only one strong enough to stop him was Jason himself, at an incredibly high cost. With the help of Andros, an ally of the Rangers, Jason cut his connection to the Morphin Grid, thus severing the Dark Ranger's connection and saving the universe.

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Of course, cutting his connection to the Morphin Grid strips Jason of his power to transform into the Red Ranger, officially retiring him from the Power Rangers.

Although it was an incredibly sad moment, Jason accepted his task with courage and joy. With his life forever changing, he's wanted to take the time to spend time with his family for a while, and this series of events finally allows him to do so. It's sad ? Absolutely. Can we respect the old hero's retirement for the good of the universe, and so that he can finally spend time with his family? 100%. We wish this heroic character the best on his new journey.

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Are you sad to see the Red Ranger from Power Rangers go?