This amazing Vault-Tec game room has gone viral on Facebook.

Cette étonnante salle de jeu Vault-Tec est devenue virale sur Facebook.

The players are some of the most incredible people there are. When they can afford it, they are the artists behind creating some of the most fantastic gaming room setups you will ever see in your life, often loaded with LEDs, the best high-tech hardware and plenty of space for comfort and conviviality. I thought I had seen it all until I saw this gaming “vault” go viral on Facebook. This is called a Vault-Tec game room.

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A crazy Vault-inspired game room

Facebook is a great place to find inspiration. If you're a huge fan of video games and need an amazing space, look no further than this post from the Genius Ideas Facebook page. If you're a big Fallout fan, it's even better. This personal block shared the images BIGHAIRYAZZZ posted on Imgur of building his own Vault-Tec game room, complete with a plywood rolling vault door.

The pictures show the step-by-step process of building and installing the door and painting. With black, yellow and blue, it looks like a vault created to survive the nuclear fallout of the Fallout universe, equipped with all the entertainment you could possibly need in a lifetime. If you thought the roller door was cool, wait until you see the inside.

Vault-Tec Game Room
Vault-Tec Game Room

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A perfect setup for gaming

This setup is perfect for any gamer, whether PC, console, or simulation. Sure, the door is amazing, but the fun goodies stored inside the trunk are still the price you pay to get in there. The Facebook post shared images of the creation of the door itself primarily. On the other hand, BIGHAIRYAZZZ's Imgur post shared some interesting details of the installation stored in the Vault-Tec game room.

The room is a gamer's paradise. Dimly lit so no glare disrupts your gaming. This HD projector completely dominates the back wall for a vast, impressive picture, plenty of seating for home theater, and console games with all your friends around. Huge round coffee table with a gear-shaped top to pay homage to the Vault-Tec door. What do you want more ? Well, there's even more.

There is a hidden secret about the coffee table. It lowers into the floor to completely open the space for VR use, with equipment stored on a ceiling panel that slides down above the freshly opened playing surface. To top it off, it's all beautifully managed by cables with ceiling-mounted cable retractors to keep everything tidy.

PC gamers can feel included as the secluded back area is perfect for a PC tower and a few monitors. This user had space for three monitors, two laptops, and a wall of comics, books, games, and other merchandise and memorabilia, making it the perfect hideaway.

It’s truly a dream to aspire to for the future. Not only is it totally awesome from the outside and inside, but it's also incredibly well designed for play and relaxation. It's the perfect place to escape reality for a bit, and who hasn't thought about waiting out the world's madness in the confines of a Fallout vault?

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What do you think of this amazing Vault-Tec game room?