Virtwifi does not have internet access – How to solve this problem?

Virtwifi has no internet access- How to fix this?

If your VirtWiFi internet access connection is acting up, you should probably stick with this article since we are going to look at several solutions to the problem of VirtWiFi not having internet access today.

With today's technology, you can run the same mobile software on Windows or convert your smartphone into a desktop computer. And when we discuss this, we start to think about Android X86, which is still at a better level.

To run Android on your PC, use the Android-X86 app. However, since Android X86 is still in the beta stage, there may be some flaws that prevent VirtWiFi from working.

Therefore, we will think about how to fix VirtWiFi issues in Android X86, such as how to fix VirtWiFi is not connected to the internet.

What is VirtWifi?

By exposing multiple virtual adapters and assigning them to different wireless networks according to instructions, VirtWiFi, also known as Virtual WiFi, allows users to connect to various IEEE 802.11 networks with a single WiFi card. This is assigned based on the connectivity required.

Using a network hopping strategy, virtual WiFi can swap the wireless card between designated wireless networks. However, apps that give consumers the impression that their device is linked to multiple wireless networks at once are not aware of the transition between the network and the intended connectivity.

How to fix Virtwifi has no access?

You can resolve your VirtWiFi internet connectivity issue by following the steps below. If the first step did not resolve the issue, move on to the next troubleshooting suggestion and continue doing this until the VirtWiFi has Internet connectivity.

Use Windows Troubleshooter to troubleshoot Internet access problems.

Using Windows Internet Troubleshooter to diagnose and fix VirtWiFi Internet connectivity issue is another effective solution.

The Windows HyperVision platform must be activated.

If your Windows hypervision platform is not selected, you might see that VirtWiFi does not have internet connectivity. In order to solve the problem of Virt WiFi without internet connectivity, we will first guide you to activate the Windows hypervision platform.

  • Start your Windows computer.
  • Enter “Turn Windows features on or off” in the “Search” box by clicking on it.
  • Check “Windows HyperVision Platform” going down.
  • Click “OK” to save the changes.
  • Restart your computer.

After performing the aforementioned procedures, Windows should then have HyperVision installed.

How to install HyperVision on Windows

You need to install HyperVision to complete the procedure if you have enabled “Windows HyperVision Platform” to resolve “VirtWiFi has no internet connectivity”. Therefore, we are going to guide you through the procedure of installing HyperVision on Windows.

  • Select the search field.
  • “Turn Windows features on or off” is typed.
  • Click “Hyper-V” to enlarge it.
  • Check both:
  • Hyper-V platform and management tool.
  • Press “OK”.

After completing this, you can restart your computer to see if the VirtWiFi internet connectivity problem has been resolved.

Update Windows Network Adapter Driver

Your connectivity may suffer if your network adapter is outdated. So it is advisable to update it to check if the VirtWiFi problem is resolved.

However, since you are unable to connect to a WiFi network, you need to connect your PC to the Internet and update your network adapter using the Ethernet wire that came with your router. Therefore, you can update your Windows network adapter by following the instructions below.

  • To launch the run command, use “Win+R”.
  • Without the quotes, type “”.
  • To get started, press the “Enter” key.
  • Click the “+” to expand the “Network Adapter” selection.
  • Update by right-clicking on the WiFi card.
  • Choose “Auto Search”, then search for the latest WiFi card driver online.
  • If one is available, your Windows will connect to the Internet to find and download the latest network adapter driver.

You will notice that “the best drivers for your device are already installed” if the network adapter.

Flush Windows DNS

Windows cache and additional IP addresses may be causing the network connection problem. It is therefore advisable to empty it sometimes. So we will study how to purge DNS in Windows to fix VirtWiFi internet connection problem if excess DNS is to blame.

  • To open Windows Run, use “Win+R”.
  • To access it, type “cmd” without the quotes and choose “Command Prompt”.
  • Without using quotes, type “ipconfig/flushdns” and press the “Enter” key.

Now see if you can access the internet using your Windows virtual WiFi.

Change your Windows DNS

You will not be able to access the network if there is a problem with your network and it is not working in WSA. In most cases, this is caused by a DNS problem. You need to use Windows Command Prompt to switch the local machine's DNS to a different DNS to resolve the issue.

  • Go to Windows Settings.
  • A drop-down menu appears.
  • Go to “Change Adapter Settings” and click.
  • Toggle “Connection” to the right.
  • “Properties” can be chosen from the menu.
  • Select “IPV4”.
  • Choose “Properties”.
  • Type your DNS server address.
  • To save the changes, click “OK”.

Any of the DNS server addresses listed below can be used to check if the problem connecting to the virtual WiFi network is resolved.

  • Google Public DNS: and
  • Cloudflare: and
  • OpenDNS: and

Windows Network Reset

Your Windows network may need to be restarted in order to resolve the VirtWiFi internet connectivity issue. However, for me, purging DNS and updating DNS usually works.

  • By pressing “Win ​​+ I”, navigate to your “Windows Settings”.
  • Select “Network & Internet” in the left pane by clicking.
  • Select “Advanced Network Settings” by scrolling down under “Network & Internet.”
  • Select “Network reset” under “Other settings” by scrolling down.
  • Then select “Reset now”.

VirtWiFi does not have internet connectivity. This can be annoying if you don't have access to an ethernet cable that you can use often. However, with this troubleshooting, you should be able to overcome the fact that your Windows computer's virtual WiFi has no Internet access.

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Q. Why does my virgin WiFi say no internet connection?

To fix the majority of Virgin Media connection issues, try the following steps: Restart the WiFi Hub by turning it off and on again. Make sure all cables going into and out of the Hub are secure. If that doesn't work, return your Hub and WiFi settings to their default position.

Q. Can a virus block access to the Internet?

If your device is infected with malware or viruses, it can change your network and browser settings, prevent you from accessing the Internet, and cause other problems.

Q. How can I restore my Internet connection to WiFi?

  • Remove the power wires from the modem and router for 15 seconds.
  • Reconnect the power cables.
  • Check that all wires and cords are securely closed at both ends.
  • Wait a few minutes until the modem and router lights are operational. (Check the user manual or manufacturer's support website).