What features should you look for in a video surveillance camera?

Cases of burglary and theft are increasing every year. The use of video surveillance has become crucial to ensure the safety of people and property, at home and in business. With technological advances, video surveillance cameras are becoming more and more sophisticated for better surveillance and a guarantee of security. However, with the plethora of options on the market, it is important to have a clear idea of ​​the essential features you should look for when choosing a CCTV camera.

Look for a camera with a wide viewing angle

The first feature that everyone looks for in a CCTV camera is its viewing angle. The wider the viewing angle, the more coverage the camera gives you of the area under surveillance, which significantly reduces blind spots and blind spots. Additionally, a camera that incorporates a wide field of view gives you better visibility, which is crucial for monitoring large spaces such as gardens, parking lots or large halls. To protect your property, if you wish equip yourself with the best surveillance camera, it is therefore advisable to pay attention to this characteristic.

For example, panoramic cameras or cameras with fisheye lenses are most recommended for their ability to capture a view of 180 degrees and above. With these types of video surveillance cameras, you are guaranteedsurveillance from all angles. In addition, you will no longer have to spend a lot of money to install several video surveillance cameras for monitoring large spaces.

CCTV camera

Choose a camera with two-way audio

The two-way audio system in a CCTV camera is a revolutionary feature. Indeed, thanks to this functionality, video surveillance cameras offer you real-time communication. This feature allows you to have convenient interaction to communicate with those present at the place under surveillance. The two-way audio system also helps deter ill-intentioned intruders. This feature is particularly useful for enhancing home security.

Concretely, it allows you to speak to visitors or delivery people without opening the door. Likewise, in professional environments, the two-way audio system gives you the ability to communicate with your employees from your office without having them in front of you.

Make sure it has night vision capabilities

CCTV cameras that incorporate night vision functionality are very popular on the market. Indeed, night vision is an essential characteristic for a video surveillance camera. This functionality allows you to capture images of numerous criminal incidents which often occur in the dark. For their operation, video surveillance cameras equipped with night vision generally use infrared LEDs. These infrared LEDs allow the scene to be discreetly illuminated without emitting light visible to the human eye. This therefore allows the camera to capture clear images even in conditions where the light is very low or in complete darkness. When choosing your video surveillance camera, you should place emphasis on one with night vision capabilities with a long range.