Yes, it’s true. Netflix series Warrior Nun has been canceled.

Oui, c'est vrai. La série Warrior Nun de Netflix a été annulée.

Unfortunately, a series with a solid storyline, a great cast, and a fantastic showrunner needs more to keep it going. When a great series has the viewership it needs to keep running, it inevitably gets canceled. This is precisely what happened to Netflix's fantasy action series, Warrior Nun.

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Netflix's Warrior Nun Canceled

After two moderately successful seasons, the final batch of episodes of which aired on November 10, Netflix announced that the series was canceled and that these episodes would be the last we would see of Warrior Nun, the epic fantasy series.

The series saw some success, remaining in Netflix's top 10 English-language series for three weeks, even peaking at fifth place.

When showrunner and creator Simon Barry learned of the series' cancellation, he took to Twitter to address all the loyal fans who did their best to keep the series going.

“I just learned that @netflix will not be renewing #WarriorNun – my sincere thanks to all the fans who have worked so hard to spread the word about this series and for the love you have shown me, the cast and to the entire production team. It was a privilege to be part of it.


Warrior Nun was initially based on the comic book character created by Ben Dunn in 1993, who appeared in Ninja High School #37. The series was adapted by Simon Barry for Netflix and told the story of a 19-year-old orphan who wakes up in a morgue on a slab to discover that she now has a divine artifact embedded in her back. This sacred relic makes her the bearer of the halo and is part of the Order of the Cruciform. The Order is an ancient sect of warrior nuns sworn to fight the demons invading Earth.

Alba Baptista plays the stunning nuns as lead star Ava Silva, joined by Kristina Tonteri-Young as Sister Beatrice, Lorena Andrea as Sister Lilith, Olivia Delcán as Sister Camila, Sylvia De Fanti as that of Mother Superion and Toya Turner in that of “Shotgun” Mary.

The rest of the Warrior Nun cast consists of Joaquim de Almeida as Cardinal Duretti, Meena Rayann as Yasmine Amunet, Peter De Jersey as Kristian Schaefer, Richard Clothier as Cardinal William Foster, Thekla Reuten as Jillian Salvius, Tristán Ulloa as Father Vincent, William Miller as Adriel, and many more.

Cancellations are unfortunately a part of life when it comes to creating series on a streaming platform. Audiences are fickle, and it's difficult to compare the success of a series to the views it gets at any given time.

However, considering Warrior Nun stayed in the top 10 for this long, it seems like her fans loved her enough to keep her there, so it's a shame it's come to this. Of course, it's possible that the series will be revived when viewership increases, but the cancellation bodes well for viewership.

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Tell us, are you disappointed that Netflix canceled the Warrior Nun series?