Earn a living on the internet: pay attention to protecting your privacy!

The Internet allows you to generate income for anyone who knows how to make the most of it. The web indeed offers you countless opportunities if you plan to venture there to earn a living. However, you must be aware of the multiple risks this involves for your privacy. By exposing your activity and your private life online, you can of course attract the interest of malicious people. These include cybercriminals and unfair competitors. Here are some ways to secure your privacy on the web.

Be careful about the type of content you post online

Starting an online business and growing it involves content creation of all kinds: articles, videos, podcasts, photos, motion design, etc. In fact, if you want to prevent your business from infringing on your privacy, you must be discerning regarding your publications. Refrain from disclosing sensitive personal information that could harm your reputation, your safety or that of your loved ones.

Examples of this data include your address, telephone details, banking details, family situation, religious or political opinions, etc. Likewise, the publication of illegal, defamatory, racist, sexist, offensive content or content inciting violence or even hatred is strictly prohibited. If you ever do so, you could be sued or banned from the platforms you use. Keep in mind that what you post on the internet can be accessed by a worldwide audience, including unscrupulous individuals.

Choose a reliable and verified content platform

When considering making a living on the internet, choosing the platforms on which you publish and monetize your content must be done with vigilance. As we can see with MYM, the site's privacy policy must be up to date. Before registering, also take a look at its conditions of use, payment terms and the moderation system put in place. Please then refer to the comments and reviews of other users.

It is recommended to prefer platforms that take particular care in protecting your personal data. These must also respect copyright and contribute to the fight against abusive and illicit content. They must comply with current regulations in terms of respect for privacy and security. Data protection of a personal nature.

Check if you are dealing with a platform concerned about the privacy of its creators and which puts in place a protection protocol that is as strict as it is rigorous. A site of this type subjects all content published there to intellectual property law and severely sanctions their illicit use outside the platform.

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Establish healthy communication with your community

Regardless of your profile and the niche you have launched into, a loyal community and dedicated over the long term is in no way the result of chance. It is in your best interest to maintain a privileged, healthy and long-lasting relationship with all of your subscribers.

To do this, invest as much time as possible in understanding their expectations, their desires, their requirements, their problems, their motivations, their obstacles, etc. This allows you to choose wisely your content and how you publish them, the frequency of publication and the tone to adopt.

It is also recommended to always be transparent about your business, your values ​​and your objectives in order to encourage your community to consider you as more real and more authentic. Remember to communicate as regularly as possible with your subscribers, but without seeming too intrusive. The goal is to constantly pique everyone’s interest and show that you’re thinking of them.

Do not hesitate to favor fun and interactive exchanges so that your community feels involved in your activity. To do this, you can create polls and surveys. Also offer your subscribers the opportunity to ask you questions on any subject.

Additionally, please respond to your followers' comments, requests, and messages in a professional and polite manner. Don't let yourself be affected by negative reviews or trolls. View them as opportunities for growth. You will also have everything to gain by reacting, commenting or sharing subscriber content that you find interesting. Don’t forget to thank your community from time to time for their commitment and loyalty.

Limit your online presence: your life should not revolve around the web

It can be tempting to invest all your time in your online activity when you earn a good living thanks to it. However, this can have harmful consequences on your health (mental and physical), as well as on your work-life balance.

To avoid social isolation and burn-out, set reasonable working hours and stick to them scrupulously. Outside of these hours, consider stepping away from your screen and devoting time to other aspects of your life: family, friends, hobbies, nature, etc. Please plan for a period of total disconnection or an extended break from time to time. This way, you can recharge your batteries, reduce the stress linked to your activity and maintain a balanced relationship with the web.

Before going to bed, avoid using electronic devices, since it can disrupt your sleep. Spend time participating in offline activities that give you maximum pleasure:

  • sport,
  • reading,
  • creative hobbies,
  • spend time with your loved ones,
  • gardening,
  • listen to good music,
  • have fun with your pet,
  • outings in nature.

They will not fail to contribute to your personal development and the preservation of your privacy offline. Whenever you struggle to control your stress during your work hours, take a short break. Take the opportunity to do deep breathing exercises, to meditate, to relax… It is necessary to give yourself a real lunch break every day.

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The dangers you expose yourself to if you reveal too much about your personal life

Saying too much about your personal life on the internet exposes you to a multitude of risks. Cybercriminals can use the personal information you disclose without your consent to steal your identity. They can take advantage of this to make purchases, withdrawals, borrowing, transfers or tax fraud in your name.

These criminals can also commit civil or criminal offenses by pretending to be you. We can add to all this unauthorized access to your emails, your account, your files, your social networks, etc. They can thus damage your reputation, your activity, your image, your private life and your relationships.

Online harassment is also one of the dangers you expose yourself to if you reveal too much information about yourself. personal life on the Internet. We are also seeing more and more targeted attacks. If you disclose specific details about your movements, location, or daily routine, you could become a target for physical attacks or burglaries.

In the case where you share too much information on your loved ones, unscrupulous people can take advantage of it with a view to fraud. They may pretend to be someone you trust to ask you for money or other benefits illegally. What's more, your loved ones may become targets for criminals or be unwittingly involved in embarrassing situations.