Evil West: review – Go ahead, humor me!

Evil West : critique - Vas-y, fais-moi plaisir !

There's something to be said for setting a game about a vampire hunter in a western setting. In many ways, Evil West is the video game that could have come from the mind of John Carpenter. The intriguing premise is already making ears prick up and the pre-launch footage has sparked some excitement – ​​but does the third-person shooter live up to the blood, splatter and thrills or is it more rubbish than its blood-sucking creatures in the game?

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Dying isn't much of a life, boy.

In Evil West, the Rentier Institute is the monster hunter organization that polices the borders. Players will meet Jesse Rentier, the main character of this story. Think of Jesse as a Clint Eastwood type protagonist – few words but a lot of fight in him.

Gameplay takes place in the Old West as Jesse must punch, shoot, and mutilate a variety of grisly enemies and bosses. While he has the usual pistols and shotguns, he also holds a powerful gauntlet on his arm that allows for several different abilities, depending on progression in the game and unlocking of the skill tree. For example, the electrified gauntlet has the ability to electrocute or suck in enemies for closer combat. By using different combos, players will be able to inflict unique and gory damage on their opponents. One of the funniest moments is when Jesse hits the outlaws so hard that their hats fly off – I don't know why, but it's hilarious every time.

While the game mechanics may seem slow or underpowered at first, this changes dramatically from the second mission onwards, when the game really comes to life. This is where Evil West becomes the perfect fusion of Devil May Cry and God of War, as it demands an innovative approach to combat as enemies get tougher and their hordes grow.

The hell of a high noon

Make no mistake, Evil West looks fantastic and runs great at 60 FPS. It combines the hellish and stunning designs of the creatures with the stuffy and dusty settings. It's clear that a lot of time was spent on the small details of each mission, including weeds and spiders in some missions.

The only main problem is the camera angle in certain areas. When surrounded by several enemies in a narrow environment, the camera becomes a little annoying and the player must demonstrate a certain alertness to avoid being destroyed by his enemies. This is a minor problem that fortunately is not too widespread.

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Evil West wastes no time waiting.

Developer Flying Wild Hog has confirmed that Evil West takes 10-15 hours to complete, and that's an accurate estimate of how long the game should take most players. While that might seem short for most gamers who expect around 40 hours of gameplay these days, this reduced playtime actually suits this title. This is a fun, easy-to-learn game that doesn't try to overcomplicate things or be all things to all people. It certainly has an old-school appeal, as it has more in common with games of the past than games today. Additionally, it is possible to play cooperatively and experience the game on different difficulties, giving it real replay value.


The evil west


  • Excellent game mechanics
  • A captivating storyline
  • Fantastic creatures


  • The camera can sometimes be annoying

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  • Replay value

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