In Profile: Nina White

| May 6, 2013

MM: WHO are you?
NW: Hi! I’m Nina. I’m a 21-year-old photographer currently completing my Honours in a Bachelor of Photography.

WHAT the hell is your work about?
I guess my work is about telling stories visually in a way that makes people take notice. This particular body of work is about an amazing family of 12 (with 9 still living at home) – the Duncans. Living on a rural ex-dairy farm, their lifestyle is pretty far removed from what most of us experience growing up. I wanted to give people a privileged insight into their lives – especially their close bonds with one another and the myriad of animals they care for on their property.

WHEN did you realise you were in tune with the right side of your brain?
I think I have always known that any intelligence I might have is firmly rooted in the right side of my brain. I remember lots of creative misadventures when I was little, but my finest moment was persuading my mother to buy me an old film SLR camera from Cash Converters at about age 12. I have been taking photos ever since.

WHERE do you draw inspiration from?
So many different places! People I meet, conversations I have with strangers, movies, books, music, other photographers – life in general really. I also drink a disturbing amount of tea which I’m sure contributes to the flow of creative juices.

WHY do you create?
I suppose that I create partly because making images is always a cathartic exercise for me. I also have become very passionate about getting people’s stories out there. A story doesn’t need to be a Hollywood blockbuster to have merit and worth; I think everyone has a story inside them that is worth telling, and my challenge is to tell it visually.

HOW does the magic happen – creative process of candid creativity?
To be honest, I am completely obsessive about my process when making documentary work. I have a ridiculous visual journal that goes with me everywhere to help organise my messy brain. When it comes to my personal work, though, I am never without my camera and am pretty spontaneous with the work I make, so I suppose that ‘the magic’ is made of a touch of both!

Plans for 2013?
Having my soul destroyed by Honours, and hopefully surviving it!

So we can stay in the loop, what’s your dot com(s)?
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