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| March 25, 2014
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Words by Matt Huxley

KATHERINE ELEYCE  is one multi-talented fashion blogger. Combining her love of fashion and travel with her love of the mystery of romanticism, her blog is a culmination of all that is magical and feminine, creating a dreamlike gallery. Heard at a Whisper is the name of this platform, and with it she also presents her talents in styling, creative direction, event coordination and creative consulting. I simply had to have a chat to this talented creative about how she juggles her hectic day, her thoughts on the upcoming Autumn/Winter trends and whether or not she’s really a romantic at heart.

MM: Hi Katherine how are you?

KE: Hi Matt! I’m great, thanks!

You seem to have your finger in many different pies; styling, blogging, coordinating events, consulting etc etc. How did you develop your business to be so successful?

Networking for sure! It’s important to put yourself out there and show people who you are and what you do. I’ve lived in both Sydney and Melbourne and the creative community in both cities is really encouraging. There are always different meet ups and networking nights where you can meet people from all aspects of the industry. While I was studying, I did as much work experience as possible, building up my contacts and my portfolio. This was a really crucial time as I was able to discover the areas that I loved – which didn’t always turn out to be the areas I thought I would!

What would you say to any creatives looking to start up their own company?

Hard work & passion is key. The creative industry is vibrant, it’s exciting and it’s tough. You’ve got to love what you do and be willing to put in the hours to create your vision. Most importantly, don’t give up. If you love and believe in what you do, that’s contagious and you’ll find that believe in your work too.

Run us through a typical day in your life.

Haha it’s hard to pinpoint a ‘typical’ day at the moment. Throughout the week I’m normally up by 6:30 (I do indulge in a little sleep in on the weekends, though). Emails are the first thing I go through in the morning and I prioritise what needs to be done over breakfast. Mornings usually consist of social media updates for the brands I’m working with, and following up with designers about upcoming style shoots. There is a lot of time spent coordinating and organising via email, which isn’t the most creative aspect of my work – but it’s so thrilling when an exciting email comes through about upcoming collaborations! The bulk of my days differ depending on where I am, but lately they range between being on location doing style shoots, styling events and meeting with designers. Night times are usually spent writing blog articles and editing photos from the shoots of the week. There are a lot of late nights lately, but when you get beautiful photos back from a photographer or you see an event come together – it’s definitely worth it!

What upcoming projects do you have this year?

I’ve currently just started guest blogging for SpencerLacy, which is a gorgeous Melbourne label and I’m really excited to be working with them! Mid year, there is a new online venture launching, which brings a whole new meaning to ‘a wold of romanticism’ – unfortunately I can’t say anymore about that at the moment though!

What is your favourite aspect of your work?

That it’s always different. Collaborating with different designers, working on styling shoots, coordinating events – each one is unique and gives me a new challenge.

Give us your opinion on the key trends for the upcoming F/W season.

– Fur is huge this season! Whether it’s real or faux, it’s popping up everywhere from Lanvin to fast fashion stores at Westfield. I love the pastel tones seen at Gucci; however, I prefer high quality faux fur!

– Jewel tones will be huge. I love the colour palette from the Elie Saab collection – his collections are always perfection!

– Longer lines. Pair your oversized knit with a fitted knee length skirt, belted waist and lace up heels for a effortlessly glam look.

Heard at a Whisper showcases a world of Romanticism, would you say that you’re a romantic at heart?

Oh definitely! It’s more than just red roses and romantic movies though (although, I do love both). I love everything about the Romantic philosophy from the 1800s. People say romanticism is like intoxicated dreaming. It’s not about escaping reality, but enhancing it. People say similar things about fashion. They both all help you to create a daydream, and to make the world more beautiful.

Being based in Melbourne, what are your opinions on the local fashion? Any favourite brands?

I am still relatively new to Melbourne, as I moved from Sydney a few months ago. I work with a lot of local brands from both Sydney and Melbourne and there are some exceptional talents. My favourite clothings brands at the moment from Melbourne are SpencerLacy and Steele, and my favourite Jewellery brand is Kitte Accourement. It’s always a joy discovering new & local brands with fresh collections!

Ok time for our rapid fire series:

Favourite clothing item?

My grandmother’s 21st birthday dress. It’s the most incredible gown. A black lace bustier with a full nude tulle skirt. It’s hanging in a wardrobe at home, and it’s divine. It’s over 50 years old and although some of the lace has been faded by the sun, it’s still just as beautiful as it was in the pictures.

Favourite skin care item?

O’cosmetics recovery cream. I’ve tried and tested a lot of skin care and this moisturiser is hands down my favourite!

Moustaches – yes or no?

Oh that’s a tough one. Depends on the person. In general I’d have to say no though.

Any travel plans this year?

I would love to be in New York next year for fashion week! That is the plan at the moment. This year; however, no big trips are planned at the moment, just weekend getaways when in need of a little R&R.

Thanks so much Katherine!

Thank you! Was great


Keen to see more of Katherine? Head to www.katherineeleyce.com. If you feel that you are cool enough for a “5 Minutes With” send an email to grow@moustachemagazine.com.

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