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| April 23, 2014



Words by Matt Huxley

I am unashamedly a lazy shit when it comes to fitness. Frankly I’d rather eat less then go for a run. I know, crazy right. I just don’t like it. It’s painful and you sweat. However lately, I’ve felt that I should try and be a tad more health conscious. Then the opportunity to interview one of Australia’s most innovative fitness professionals came along. Ben Lucas is the co-founder of Sydney’s Flow Athletic. Renowned for it’s innovative approach to fitness. Ben is the perfect person to give me some fitness tips. And you know what? I think I may actually be able to follow these.

MM: Hi Ben, it’s great to have a chat with you.

BL: Thank you, the pleasure is all mine.

You’ve been described as one of Australia’s most innovative personal trainers, what is so unique about your approach?

I think that it is combining Yoga with the strength and cardio training, something that we call the ‘Flow Philosophy’ to get the maximum results

I’m probably one of the most lazy people when it comes to motivating myself to work out, what are some tips that you’d recommend to get me off my arse and working out?

Yes, 3 tips for you:

  1. Just aim to for even just 10 minutes, in your mind this feels achievable. A walk a jog, a swim, whatever it is. The hardest part is just getting out the door. Once you start, you will feel good and often go beyond the 10 minute mark.
  2. Have a mate that you are going to meet for a work out. Even if you don’t feel like going, you will not want to let him down.
  3. Try a new iPhone app called ‘Pact’. This App makes you put money on the line if you miss a work out. Also you can make cash by hitting your training goals..

What are your diet secrets to stay in shape?

  •  Cut out simple carbohydrates. White bread, rice, sugar and the sort. It’s not filling and it easily leads to fat gain.
  • Eat more protein. Lean meat, eggs, fish. It’s filling and helps maintain metabolism.
  • Eat enough fat. Nuts, deep sea fish, avocado. Great for your hormones, energy levels and tastes good too

You’ve completed marathons all around the world, what was the location that you enjoyed running in the most?

2 really stand out. The Great Wall Of China Marathon. It’s intense, thousands of stairs, but the view is breathtaking. NYC marathon. 2 million people line the streets, 120 bands play along the way. It’s a 42.2 km party! 


You’ve created a unique training facility Flow Athletic in Paddington, are there any plans to open up any more?

Yes definitely. We are already in talks to have another 4 facilities open in the next 2 years. We just want to make sure that the area and site is just right.

Run us through a typical day in your life.

I’m up at 4:30 am. At 5 I go for a 1 hour walk with an audio book. Take my best mate Wilbur the cocker spaniel for a walk at 6am. Breakfast with my wife at 7 am. In the office from 8am until 6pm. Train again at 6.

Dinner with my wife at 7pm. No technology from 7:30pm onwards each night. I Read for an hour at 9. Lights out 10pm.

Are there any famous faces that you’ve trained?

Yes, Monique Wright and Edwina Bartholomew from Ch 7 and my amazing friend Kate Waterhouse

Ok it’s time for our rapid fire series! 

Moustache’s: yes or no?

Yes, I just can’t grow a good one. Not through lack of trying though.

Favourite brand of running shoes?

 Brooks adrenaline.

Protein powder of choice?

 180 nutrition.

Are you a juice fiend?

A Green juice daily keeps the Dr away.

Thanks so much for your time Ben.

No problem.

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