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| May 3, 2014


Words by Ryan Grice

THE WORLD IS FUKT, Jafflechutes in NY, sinkhole madness, Rupert Murdoch gets sexy, and astronaut fashion.

The greatly respected publication, The Australian Financial Review, accidentally gave readers quite a shock last weekend when the front page of the paper bore the byline “WORLD IS FUKT”. The editor made a public apology and explained that efforts to recall the edition were unsuccessful. Copies are available on eBay for upwards of $50. The mistake is a seemingly accurate speculation given the various state of affairs in Europe and leaves one wondering if someone pulled one over on the poor chaps at the Review.

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Melbourne ‘restaurant’ Jafflechutes have announced their plans to take their floating sandwiches to the Big Apple. Customers pay for their chosen sandwich via PayPal and stand in a designated spot on the street marked with an ‘X’ and await the arrival of their meal by means of parachute. Whilst there is an enormous potential for tragedy with hot liquid cheese flying through the air that seems to be overlooked, this practice is unassailably cool.



With Baltimore, Queensland’s Bruce Highway, and now London, it has been a terrifying week of sinkholes, but not all is as it seems. Queensland’s Department of Transport and Main Roads tried to pass off the 2 meter-wide void as a ‘pothole’, but unfortunately city officials in Baltimore, Maryland, could not do the same as their hole measured a full block in length. The London ‘sinkhole’ however, turned out to be a genius marketing ploy by Tourism Australia, in collaboration with various Australian travel agencies, featuring a giant hole with a screen inside showing videos Bondi Beach and the Gold Coast.


Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp has acquired a tasty specimen recently in the form of Canadian publishing house Harlequin, which draw the majority of their revenue from the ‘Bodice Ripper’ romance fiction series featuring such tantalising titles as ‘My Fair Billionaire’ and ‘Expecting The CEO’s Child’. How much did he pay for the company? Just a casual $415m, which begs the question, how much revenue does this filth generate?


After an extensive period of online voting, NASA this week unveiled their new Z-2 spacesuit ushering space travel into a fashionable new future…Now. Even more amazing is the interstellar company’s planned use of 3D scanner/printers to make each suit unique to its owner. The suit has reportedly been designed for long-term durability and created largely with the intention of those that will live on the red planet, Mars. The suit will however more susceptible to micro meteors, extreme temperatures, radiation, and alien probes.

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