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| July 17, 2014

Ivan’s Lights || All images:

Words by Michelle Cha

DARREN Pearson is an American illustrator; his passion is light-sculptures which are created with the use of long exposure photography. The backdrop of his work feature various differing landscapes of California. The most amazing thing about his images is that none of them are photoshopped, what you see is Darren’s magic in motion.

Recently he traveled to Spain and experimented with different compositions and methods to create visual stories. In Ivan’s Lights he experimented with coloured LED lights to create colourful and striking light-sculptures. Darren works fast and focused on the final product. Each project takes time and dedication, but as you can see from his work he is mighty brilliant at it. Below is a video of him in action.

Darren also met up with other light-sculpture artists in Spain. In International Bones he collaborated with Frenchman Vincent Delesvaux, and Janne Parviainen from Finland. Vincent and Janne are incredible free hand light-sculpture artists like Darren. and seeing these three work in action would have been amazing. You can see that all three artists are equally talented and dedicated to their craft.


International Bones

Attraction to Light is one of the standout shots from Darren’s time in Spain. He says this about the image, “try as I might to remember where I drew what tentacle, at the end of a 13 minute light-painting I’m not really sure what to expect; I just hope the art is in frame.” The inspiration perhaps could be down to his mass consumption of calamari.”We ate a lot of calamari during our trip to Spain, this one is for all the Cephalopods.”


Attraction to Light

I fell in love with Darren’s manipulation of photographic techniques to go beyond just an image. The light-sculptures he creates are temporal in time but eternal in the shot. The use of skeletons, animals, and the human form are all symbolic of life and movement, and the scenic background of the images add grandeur.

To see more of Darren’s amazing work visit his website.

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