SK Games Breaking The Comic Book Guy Mould

| November 22, 2014

Source: Sk Games

Words By Samara Nilsson

MY first memory of anything that resembles the gaming industry today was playing Crash Bandicoot on our first PlayStation Christmas, 1998. I was playing with my brother and sister and indulging in a little gang warfare over our one controller. For whatever reason my Mother had the WHAM! Christmas album banging away, so to paint a picture, Jitter Bug was blaring and we’re in an all in brawl punching-on for that one game controller while Crash idly did back flips on the screen. I guess that’s just how shit gets sorted when you came through the public schooling system in the 90s.

As an adult, gaming technology today confounds me, seriously outside of being a fucking master at air hockey (that’s a game, right?), I don’t know a great deal about it all. I’m more of a ‘mash the key pad and see what happens’ kind of girl, which faired me quite well in my Mortal Kombat days

However, apart from the occasional sibling punchy-punchy, gaming is fairly anti-social. I remember one time my laptop crapped its pants, and I had to do a mercy dash to a 24 hour internet café up the road from my apartment in Fortitude Valley. Aside from the fact I think a male had gotten romantic with himself on the chair beside me, what I was most shocked about was the demographic of people that hung out there. I discovered the mortifying underbelly of game addicted gamer nerds, real life Comic Book Guy from the Simpsons x Gilbert Grape’s obese mother types. The greasy pony tail, Twistie debris in the beard kind of guy. This really made me sceptical on the whole community, not to mention there was this one guy there, who I think had had a heavy night/week/year on crystal meth, hamming on about his car radiator to himself and trying to type a resume, I just wanted to get my shit printed and get the hell out of there.

Although, a true gamer would have jumped in front of the mower I did one graphics design subject at University and was so shitty at it. Most of my class were game designers, as an artist I have a huge respect for the craft, however, despite my best efforts, the best I could come up with was something that would feature in a drunken Snapchat. So when I was told about SK Games and their new gaming pop-up arcades were setting up shop in Brisbane I was more than just a little bit intrigued.

SK Games are a group of independent game developers who have come together to support the niche industry they love. Headed up by Louis Roots, the group has created multiplayer format arcade style games that they are currently touring around Australia.

With a vision to bridging the gap between us non-gaming floozies (aka me) and the gamers alike, SK Games has married up gaming with the arts community to create a social experience and showcase their talent.



Louis says “We want to look at creative ways to include people who don’t necessarily identify as gamers. The more dialogues we can open between the gaming community and the public, the more chances for innovation and growth”.

Because their games are all designed by different creative teams, the aesthetics of them all are really different and fascinating, mostly featuring vintage style graphics, it is really interesting to take a peek inside of the minds of creative gamers.


Source: Sk Games

Got you interested? SK Games is currently at White Canvas Gallery, 26 Church Street, Fortitude Valley until 24 November with live music and pop-up bar and from 26 November SK Games is setting up shop at the Edge, at the State Library, Southbank. See more details here.

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