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| February 10, 2015

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Words by Matt Huxley

I’M ashamed world. ASHAMED. Until this day I have never interviewed an athlete. Having said that, being a ridiculously lazy, bed-loving foodie means that this is unsurprising. I was determined to rectify this mistake! Tanya Beths was the perfect person to help me with this. Here, she discusses the challenges of playing a lesser-known sport, helps me with my fitness aspirations and gives advice to up and coming sportspeople. Have a read. 

MM: Hey Tanya, how’s your day going so far?

Awesome! Got up trained and packed ready to travel to Adelaide this afternoon for the Beach Handball National Championships.

Now you’re actually the first ever athlete that I’ve interviewed! Tell us about your World Championships experiences?

The most recent World Championships I was at was in Brazil 2014, what an experience finishing with a 6th in the World. It’s hard to explain the feeling, I guess you could say it is euphoric! The atmosphere is crazy hundreds of athletes in one place with the dream of becoming the next World Champ! For me walking onto court with 10-20 thousand spectators representing your nation is unreal. It brings goosebumps to your skin and within seconds you snap into competition mode and your focus is directed to your game that is about to unfold. The atmosphere takes your adrenaline to a new level, you feel invincible! Now we are preparing for the 2016 World Championships and 2017 World Games.

What made you decide to represent Australia in Beach Handball and Volleyball on the international scale.

I guess from a young age I always wanted to be an athlete, I’ve been lucky enough to represent Australia in multiple sports over the years but my focus is now predominantly with handball. I will still play on the State and National tour for volleyball and look to do a few Asian events, but it’s very hard to play two sports at an international level, but as long as I’m having fun I will continue to do what I love.

Is it tough to specialise in a sport that’s perhaps not as famous or doesn’t have the media interest of sports like Swimming?

Definitely, especially when it comes to sponsorship and media coverage. We work extremely hard on and off the court, if we are not training or competing we are at a desk working on marketing ourselves and our sport and upholding our part time jobs to make an income to compete at an international level. I play two sports that really do capture some of Australia’s best features, the sun, sand and surf. It would be great to get more companies involved in the atmosphere and entertainment of Beach Handball and Volleyball.

You’re obviously incredibly fit, and I’m trying to lose weight, can you give me your top 5 tips?

1. It’s all about balance! You don’t have to be on a strict diet and training regime, you want to enjoy what you do. Simply eat a balanced diet and aim to exercise 3-4 times a week.
2. If you’re serious about losing weight, find a good dietitian and gym, I do all my strength, agility and power training at Kosama Fitness, Fortitude Valley.
3. Find time and get rid of the excuses! As Nike would say ‘Just Do It’
4. I struggle to train on my own. Get your friends involved, you will be more consistent and in a good daily routine.
5. Be realistic with what you are trying to achieve, set goals, have fun and check out additional resources like books and reputable articles.


Run me through a day in your life.

On a normal day I would train once or twice a day, this may include two skill sessions or one skill session and one weights session. Normally I meet with my sponsors to keep them up to date with my weekly progress or spend a few hours at my computer replying to emails and organising upcoming events. I then squeeze in university classes and a 3-4hrs at my part time job. During the week I would also touch base for meeting and appointments with with my coaches, physiotherapist and masseuse.

What would you say to someone trying to become a sportsperson like yourself?

Enjoy every moment of the journey you are on! Everyone’s path to being a success athlete is totally different! Whether it’s the style you play on court, what you wear, your attitude, Be unique and be YOURSELF! From my experience BELIEVING in myself during crucial moments of my career has prove to be the most rewarding and fulfilling.

Ok it’s time for our rapid fire series.. get ready!

Moustache’s: yes or no?

YES!! …. !

Favourite guilty treat?

Chocolate.. I may have a small addiction :p

Most iconic Australian sportsperson?

Libby Trickett, I love that she is totally herself and she has such a beautiful and happy spirit! She is the kind of role model you want to see in Australian sport!

Thanks so much for your time Tanya!

Thanks Matt!


Matt Huxley is a writer, editor and talent manager. He enjoys prodigious amounts of caffeine and has been known to direct and style the odd photoshoot.
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