Friday Favourites: Five Illustrative Designers Killing It On Instagram

| July 17, 2015
Noha Bahr2. Source - Pinterest

Noha Bahr || Source: Pinterest

Words by Miranda Hine

THERE’S been a massive increase in demand for beautiful things, since the emergence of online communities like Instagram and Etsy. The hand-made and the unique are making a brilliant comeback, and illustrative designers are at the front of the pack. And a new, sleek, playful aesthetic has become the new trend, and independent creatives now have an immense potential to display and promote their visual works online.

Brisbane, Australia seems to be an exploding hotspot for emerging illustrative designers with three from this list hailing from there. Go As always with Friday Favourites, these are just a few of the multitude of similar talents out there, but these ones are definitely on top of the game and worth a follow on Instagram!

1. Noha Bahr

Noha Bahr. Source - Ink361

Source: Ink361

Noha Bahr is an Egyptian illustrator who, believe it or not, only started drawing a couple of years ago. Her style is quirky, colourful and with a touch of vintage. She creates characters in her drawings, which often resemble children’s comic strip cartoons, or storybook illustrations. Bahr incorporates 3D objects with her 2D graphics, creating playful and engaging works.

Instagram: @nohabahr

2. Jasmine Dowling

Jasmine Dowling. Source - Pinterest

Source: Pinterest

Brisbane-based designer Jasmine Dowling has had massive success with her signature typeface. Her quirky sayings work elegantly against her clean, sleek aesthetic. Her works translate beautifully into prints and textiles, proving that illustration doesn’t have to stick to paper! Although most of Dowling’s work is type-based, she incorporates simple pictorial symbols that make her effortless style even cooler.

Instagram: @jasminedowling

3. Kiran Raj

Kiran Raj. Source - Etsy

Source: Etsy

Graphic designer Kiran Raj also has a hand-crafted side to her practice. She creates intricate black and white illustrations, as well as uniquely lettered invitations and cards. She uses soft patterned colouring to create sweet, modern works. Raj is also a Brisbane girl, and her aesthetic is comparable with Dowling’s in its simplicity and elegance.


4. Kate Hursthouse

Kate Hursthouse. Source -


Kate Hursthouse mixes stunning typography with complex ink on paper illustrations. She merges the boundaries of text and image with her pictorial arrangements of lettering and seductive use of colour and line. Hursthouse hails from Auckland, and started out as an architect. A strong architectural sense of structure and form have certainly carried over into her innovative designs, making the result bold and assertive.


5. Dana Borthistle

Dana Borthistle. Source - Ink361

Source: Ink361

Dana Borthistle’s work is more digitally based than some of the others on this list. Her work is simple and sleek, with a focus on colour and form. She uses simplified form, pastel colours and pattern to create cute but sophisticated images. Borthistle’s works translate fabulously into prints and their gentle aesthetic is endlessly pleasing. She’s the third Brissy girl on the list. Boy is Brisbane killing it!


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