Mister Fitz Creams Over Brisbane

| November 25, 2015

Words by Jo McTavish 

THERE are so many people to thank for this vibrant, cultural and worldly transformation Brisbane has experienced but if you have to point a finger, there is no one else like restaurateur Damian Griffiths.

If the name doesn’t ring a bell, his venues certainly will. This is the visionary mind and owner of Limes Hotel, Alfred and Constance, Chester Street Bakery, the recently opened Les Bubbles and of course the food porn explosion of Doughnut Time.

Each of these venues have contributed to the rapid growth within the conceptual market of Brisbane, one that has proven the new world city has what it takes to be an epicentre for taste. Next month it’s all about to happen again with “Griffiths’ latest venture Mister Fitz.

This new creation is a unique ice creamery, focusing on hand-made, original recipe ice cream and ice cream sandwiches, which are pasteurised in house, using a small-batch mentality that is unlike any ice cream Brisbane has come to meet. Damian Griffiths formed this concept in his travels to San Francisco where he met former actress Juliet Pries who now runs a successful ice creamery abroad.

One experience led to another, which left “Damian’ longing for “how ice cream used to be made”, explaining that his grandmother “once made ice cream herself from scratch, and nothing has ever lived up to that”.

With Mister Fitz a point of difference was only fit in “Griffiths’ mind. This will not be your regular ice cream created from powder, instead the core at Mister Fitz is to provide everyone with a creamy, original recipe, made by hand using fresh milk, cream and free-range eggs.

So it’s safe to say with the incredible team behind this, you know you’re in good hands and of course excellent taste!

Mister Fitz is due to open on 10 December 2015, and is located behind Les Bubbles which is the recent urban renewal project by “Griffiths’.

In the meantime, you can follow him on Facebook and Instagram!

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