Autumn Gig Guide: Brisbane

| March 25, 2016

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Words by Michelle Zhu

2016 has been amazing so far, and we have only just gotten started. From March to May we will be seeing a whole new roster of diverse and incredible acts from some of our local favourites to some huge international names.

Get into gear for another fantastic few months of live music, Brisbane, because we have a slight suspicion that this year is going to be a non-stop continuum of good times.

Byron Bay Bluesfest 

If the words ‘Kendrick Lamar’ don’t convince you enough, then check out the rest of the stellar lineup for one of the biggest events of the year. Byron Bay Bluesfest once again impresses anybody who is a fan of blues, soul, and grassroots music by bringing you an array of artists who are performing their own contemporary variations of the genres and are showing us how much music has evolved over the past few decades.

When: 17th – 22nd March (Thursday to Sunday)

Where: Tyagarah Tea Tree Farm, NSW

Tickets: Click here


Do you think Yeezy knows best? Grime is steadily taking over the music scene, and Kanye West supports this young artist wholeheartedly. Coming all the way from UK, he’s bringing his seamless flow and his high energy, and you should definitely be there to witness it and dance along.

When: 1st April

Where: Oh Hello!

Tickets: TBA

The Blurst of Times

A huge event for the local scene, and one of the most ‘Brisbane’ things we can think of. Be sure to check out the Blurst of Times, which celebrates the blest of the blest local acts. There’s local legends Dune Rats, who everybody loves to watch cause a ruckus on stage, Bad//Dreemz, Kirin J Callahan, Methyl Ethyl, The John Steel Singers, and so many more extremely cool people coming together to perform in a total of three locations throughout the night.

When: 16th April

Where: The Brightside, The Zoo and The Foundry

Tickets: Click here

The Underachievers

Presented and brought to you by LiveNation, The Underachievers are coming to Brisbane. As rap music has expanded over the past few years, a huge following and appreciation has grown for the two Pro Era Crew members. With banger after banger, be sure to also listen to their intense and political lyrics. We love these multifaceted rappers and cannot wait for them to rock the stage at the Woolly Mammoth.

When: 8th April

Where: The Woolly Mammoth

Tickets: Click here

Danny Brown

Danny Brown is back. We’re so thankful he’s doing Groovin’ the Moo sideshows, and we think he’s aware of how much we appreciate him returning to Australia just to throw a Danny Brown party. No matter who you are, be sure to check out Danny Brown’s work, because despite his strange high-pitched vocal inflections, his rockstar apparel and his love for cats, he is accessible and Universally appreciated by every single person who knows how to have a good time.

When: 22nd April

Where: The Tivoli

Tickets: Click here

Sticky Fingers

These guys just keep getting bigger and better, and we can already foresee that this is going to be one of the biggest shows for Brisbane this year. We anticipate lots of head-banging, lots of crowd surfing, and probably a lot of bad language too. We love them and we always will, and we cannot wait to see them make a beautiful musical blizzard at The Tivoli.

When: 23rd April

Where: The Tivoli

Tickets: Click here

Dillon Francis

We know you know Dillon Francis. Whether by name or by tune, you have surely heard one of his bangers. The tour is also called ‘We are all Lee Lin Chin’, which is a selling point in itself. Everything he touches seems to turn to gold, and his bubblegum electronic dance productions are insanely infectious. He’s collaborated with DJ Snake, Skrillex, Twista, Kygo and so many more big names and we can see why. Come dance along at his show, we can guarantee you won’t be the only one.

Where: Brisbane Showgrounds

When: 24th April

Tickets: Click here

Triple A Backstage 5th Birthday

The 5th birthday of one of Brisbane’s greatest music publications and one that should be celebrated with a bang. Half a decade and still pumping out some of our favourite web content, keeping us updated and in the loop, and evidently knowing how to throw a hell of a party. With a lineup featuring The Jensens, Ayla, Sahara Beck, Lastlings, Machine Age and so many more, Triple A Backstage once again flawlessly ushers in some well-deserved appreciation for our local talent while also ensuring we have a good time.

When: 29th April

Where: The Foundry

Tickets: Click here

Vic Mensa


Oh, U Mad huh? If Yeezy has taught me anything, it is that if he jumps onto an artist, we should too. Vic Mensa has been doing his thing for a while now and has finally gained the recognition he deserves for it! Now he’s coming to Australia for the second time, thanks to Live Nation, and we cannot wait to see him express his disgruntled opinions, get everybody moving, and do it all with seamless style.

When: 3rd May

Where: The Met

Tickets: Click here

 The Drones

If you’re ‘Feelin Kinda Free’ and want to dance to your heart’s content, be sure to attend The Drones’ show at the Triffid this May. They’re bringing the heat with their latest album, one different to their previous release in 2013, and they’re ready to make everybody dance as erratically as their hearts desire. They wish to feel free and they only want the same for you, so join The Drones on the quest to liberation. PS. Read our interview with them.

When: 6th May

Where: The Triffid

Tickets: Click here


We will never forget this huge hit from M83 that dominated our 2011. Now M83 is back in full force with ‘Junk’ and is coming to Australia to show us the new beautiful ideas and concepts that have been blossoming from his mind. Until the release of ‘Junk’, there is no harm in reminiscing and heading back into the archives of M83’s mystical discography, so be sure to delve back into the larger-than-life songs with a pleasant sense of nostalgia, that still, for some reason, sound as contemporary and relevant as ever today.

When: 14th May

Where: The Tivoli

Tickets: Click here


The beautiful songstress Tinashe is gracing us with her presence this May! We’ve all become well acquainted with her sultry and silk-smooth vocals, and we cannot wait to finally see the beauty behind the voice. Till then, be sure to Google some of her music and be careful of falling into the rabbit hole and resurfacing hours later just to discover that she hardly has a bad song to offer.

When: 21 May

Where: Max Watt’s House of Music

Tickets: Click here

Bone Thugs N Harmony, DJ Quik and Tha Dogg Pound 

This night will be nothing short of legendary. There is a thrill that comes whenever legendary musical figures come to visit, and we have to make the most out of it. All three acts are sure to bring one of the most unforgettable shows of the year, and to show you the exact impact that they’ve made throughout musical history.

When: 28 May

Where: Eatons Hill Hotel

Tickets: Click here

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