Fragment Of Long Term Memory

| March 3, 2016

All Images: Yuchi Ikehata

Words by Jo McTavish 

BEAUTIFUL, haunting and futuristic would best describe Japanese artist Yuichi Ikehata’s latest series.

It’s called “Fragment of Long Term Memory (LTM)” and combines digital and physical materials that form surreal portraits of obscure reality and non-reality with hyper-realistic photographer elements.

Describing her work, “Ikehata’ says; “Many parts of our memories are often forgotten, or difficult to recall. I retrieve those fragmented moments and reconstruct them as surreal images. I gather these misplaced memories from certain parts of our reality, and together they create a non-linear story, resonating with each other in my photographs.”

Her method is a combination of wire, clay and paper sculpture which is then fused together through digital manipulation producing the end result. “Ikehata’ calls her work “very intimate”, and focuses on reality and non-reality describing it as “beautiful, sad, funny and complete”.

This is an amazing and unique artist that deserves your attention.

You can discover more from Yuchi Ikehata on her website, Facebook and Saatchi Art.

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